It is quite fascinating how a regular girl from Delhi has smoothly transitioned herself into the other  Kapoor family of Bollywood. Mira Kapoor tied the knot with actor Shahid Kapoor a few years back and today, you’ll find her as a super-active mom and influencer on social media. Away from the daily hustle-bustle and giving herself a break, Mira Kapoor is on a much-needed vacation with her best friends in Dubai. Having a gala time, Mira Kapoor has been giving us vacay goals with the pretty views, adventurous activities and tempting food, of course. 

The lady of the Kapoor house never fails to impress us with her foodie moments. Earlier, she has been seen carrying an overstuffed snack bag with her for trips and we found it totally relatable. She’s such a big foodie that she engaged in a fun banter over picnic food with her husband, Shahid some time back. Now that she is in one of the most luxurious cities of the world, it is natural that she would be making the most of her time there. Although we can wait to see what she has shopped for, we can’t wait to show you her extravagant afternoon affair. Here’s what it looked like. 

Source: Screengrab of Instagram Stories/Mira Kapoor

Source: Screengrab of Instagram Stories/Mira Kapoor

The mom-influencer was spotted enjoying a lavish tea on Sunday afternoon at the world’s tallest building in Dubai. No points for guessing the place. It is the magnificent Burj Khalifa. Located at a whopping height of 2,716 ft., Mira Kapoor and her friends seemed to be having fun at this ‘high’ tea quite literally. We can see some fresh fruits stacked up on the serving stand. There’s watermelon, papaya, pineapple and melon. There’s a glass of wine placed at the corner and the view outside is just amazing. Next up, we see a strawberry dessert with loads of whipped cream on top. A beautiful presentation with lots of smaller elements on the side, this looks absolutely delish. 

After watching such a grand afternoon tea, we feel like you could take yours a notch higher too with these unique tea snacks. 

1.  Mango Mousse 

The season of mangoes is here so why not make the most of it? For tea, it’s not just about savouries but sweets too. The creamy and soft layers of eggs and gelatin are mixed with sliced mangoes. This combination works well as a summer dessert that is fresh, chilled and delicious. A hint of vanilla essence adds a distinct flavour to the dessert. 

2.  Egg Salad 

Spruce up your boring boiled eggs with this fresh egg salad. No, it isn’t one of your tasteless salads. This one has got lots of crunchy vegetables with sliced boiled eggs on top and a drizzle of your favourite creamy sauce. You can add chopped carrots, cucumber, bell peppers, onions as well as pineapple chunks for a slight tanginess. 

3.  Olive Cucumber Finger Sandwiches 

Bite-sized sandwiches cut out in round shape are the best addition to high tea. Eaten easily and quite filling, you can slather the base with some cream and top it with sliced cucumbers and olives.