Mira Kapoor Picks This Healthy Mix For Her Pancake
Image Credit: Mira Kapoor/Instagram, The celebrity mom is an ardent follower of healthy food.

The secret behind the effervescent Mira Kapoor’s glowing skin seems to be her diet. Eating clean and healthy is definitely the mantra of this fit foodie. Not only does Mira like to eat nutritious food, she also likes feeding healthy food to her family. This time, it was her healthy snacking that caught our attention.

Mira’s Instagram stories are generally flooded with pictures of her daily nibbles. Recently, she took to her stories to share a picture of her evening snack and we can vouch that it is definitely healthy. It is a packet of a pancake mix that she posted and it read, ‘superfood plant protein’. The dark chocolate and hazelnut flavour seems to be her go-to mix, as she says, “Going in my pancake”.

The 28-year-old mother of two is super active when it comes to social media and a champion of eating clean and healthy. In fact, in one of her earlier stories, we saw her having ghee. She says that having it every morning is part of her daily routine, and this is also the secret behind her glowing skin. This is not to say that Mira doesn’t give in to her indulgences once in a while. Sometime ago, we saw her posing against a gorgeous backdrop of the sunset. What was more enticing was the plateful of cheese-loaded pav bhaji that was kept in front of her. This was like the perfect weekend grub for her. Another time, when she was on vacation with her family in Europe, we saw her indulging in vegan treats on a tea-time bus ride. Tea seems to be a favourite of this celebrity wife as she was gorging on some high-tea snacks in Dubai too during her girls trip.

While there is no dearth of Mira’s foodie moments, we also know that she works out regularly and never misses her yoga sessions. The idea of wellness and health is deeply ingrained in her mindset, and she ensures that her family gets a balanced diet too.