There’s this never-ending debate on chai versus coffee. While some people believe that India is a chai-loving nation, there would be a large chunk of the population that would oppose the claim. Despite the opposition, the claim draws from the fact that chai originated on the Indian soil, especially the spiced tea or masala tea which is popular in India today. Although the name is a derivative of the Persian chay or Chinese cha, it is believed that an Indian king ordered the preparation of such a concoction for medicinal purposes. Wait till we unleash the interesting origins of coffee for you. 

Mira Kapoor was recently spotted holding on to her cup of caffeine and we are liking it. The mom cum social media influencer has been seen doing interesting things with food. Remember her burger war banter with Shahid Kapoor? She also does a lot of makeup, fitness and wellness content on her Instagram handle. This time, she shared a moment of her life on her stories, wherein she can be seen sipping from a cup of coffee. Seems like someone is a caffeine lover in the Kapoor family as she captioned it saying, "Currently Caffeinating". Here is a glimpse of her image.

Source: Screengrab of Instagram Stories/Mira Kapoor

 Legend has it that an Ethiopian herder named Kaldi discovered the coffee beans while grazing his goats in Kaffa. Intriguied by the reaction of the goats after consuming the berries of a shrubbery, he brought them back to test their magical powers. Burning them on fire released an intoxicating aroma, thus, leading to the birth of coffee beans and coffee. Now that you’ve been intoxicated with some trivia, how about whipping your morning coffee with some ice? 

Here are some recipes to try. 

1.  Dalgona Coffee 

We won’t let you forget the legendary food trend that started in the pandemic. Yes, we are talking about the much-famed dalgona coffee. The craze of whipping the coffee so that it forms tall peaks was so high at the beginning of the Covid-era that it’s time you try it again. Settle milk on base. Churn coffee with water and make it a frothy, light brown mixture. Pour it over the milk, pop in some ice and you are good to go. 

2.  Caramel Ice Coffee 

Turn up the flavour of your regular iced coffee with a touch of caramel. Made with almond milk and coconut cream, this is vegan-friendly coffee recipe that is flavoured with a thick layer of caramel.

3.  Irish Coffee With Cinnamon Whipped Cream 

The classic Irish coffee is a delicious concoction of coffee and whiskey. Blend it well till it becomes frothy and serve with a dash of cinnamon-flavoured whipped cream and maple syrup.