Mira Kapoor Gorges On Ice Cream Sandwiches; Here’s Where To Find Them In Mumbai
Image Credit: Instagram/mira.kapoor

Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor’s wife Mira Kapoor often uses Instagram posts and stories to display her love for food. A lot of times, she posts photos of sweet treats that she is enjoying. These often include cakes and tarts. Recently, Mira took to Instagram stories to post a photo of an unusual dessert—an ice cream sandwich from MeeMee’s in Mumbai. She captioned the photo “@meemees.in why you do this to me-me”. The photo showed a wafer filled with chocolate ice cream topped with chocolate confetti, which left us craving it. 

In the next photo, Ishaan Khatter could be seen with an expression that can only be described as “in awe of”, as he looked at a box of packaged ice cream sandwiches in different flavours. The post was captioned “He me and @meemees.in. We are dying”. Mira’s next story showed empty packets, which was captioned “four seconds later”. It seemed her Ishaan and her polished off a few ice cream sandwiches in a matter of seconds.

And we can’t blame them, because the ice cream sandwiches did look very tempting. MeeMee’s, the company that makes the ice cream sandwiches, markets them as “toasties”. These are essentially wafer tacos filled with ice cream, and topped with chocolate and other flavoured confetti. The toasties come in flavours like Belgian chocolate, sea salt caramel, Vietnamese iced coffee, vanilla bean, brown butter almond, toasted coconut macaroon and simply mango. Besides these, Meemee’s also specialises in ice cream tubs and ice cream cakes.

Craving ice cream sandwiches too? Here are other places in Mumbai that make them: 

K. Rustoms & Co. Ice Cream Parlour

An iconic, Iranian ice cream parlour, K. Rustoms & Co. is known for its ice cream sandwiches that are made with ice cream sandwiched between two wafer biscuits. Kesar pista and walnut crunch are the most popular flavours. K. Rustom and his family began selling ice cream bars in 1953, and then went on to create their signature ice cream sandwich. Flavours like paan, choco roasted almond crunch and ginger lemon were added later. 

Tandy’s Creamery

Tandy’s Creamery is mainly an ice cream sandwich brand. Just like K. Rustom’s & Co., Tandy’s Creamery’s ice cream sandwiches are made by putting ice cream between two wafer biscuits. The brand is known for not using preservatives or artificial colours, and the ice cream sandwiches come in flavours like vanilla, chocolate, sitaphal, rose and walnut praline. Tandy’s Creamery was established as recently as 2019.  

Besides ice cream sandwiches, Mira Kapoor was also recently seen enjoying some Mumbai pav bhaji with her father Vikram Rajput. She took him out for a plate of pav bhaji when he was visiting her and captioned the photo “When in Bombay - pav bhaji”. Earlier this month, Mira also posted a photo of her snack bag that was stuffed with goodies like poha, elaichi banana, walnuts, anaar and sweet potato chaat. All the snacks were healthy. 

It’s no secret that Mira is into fitness but that doesn’t stop her from enjoying her food.