Mira Kapoor Gives A ‘Millennial’ Touch To Navratri Fasting, These Are The Guidelines
Image Credit: Instagram @mira.kapoor

In addition to being a food buff, Mira Kapoor is also pretty vocal about her love for all things local and seasonal. She is also an avid follower of Ayurveda and the Ayurvedic eating practices. In her #NotSoFast plan, she gives Navratri fasting a ‘millennial’ spin. In her Instagram stories, she calls it a “9 day fast for seasonal cleansing following the principles of Ayurveda during the season of change.”  

Further, she explains how the period of a week or two between two seasons is called ‘Ritu Sandhi’. During this time, when the weather is in transition, our body also has a tough time acclimatizing to the change. “Our immune system...dictated by our digestive fire or agni..at its lowest during this period”, she writes. This makes us more prone to illnesses, seasonal flu et al, therefore giving our digestion a bit of a break by “eating simply and indulging in a ‘Self-Detox’ can work as a “software update” for our system, she writes.  

Instagram stories by @mira.kapoor

The new and improved fitter version of ourselves is good for our ‘Ojas’, our very own “battery pack”, or the “ultimate viral force” that helps replenish, reboot and rejuvenate, Mira explains in one of her stories.

Then she goes on to give out some guidelines for the fasting plan, such as, all the eating needs to be done between sunrise and sunset. Of course, one can have ‘fun with food’ and ‘dabble with cuisines’. The diet needs to be supplemented with a moderate exercise routine, yoga. Staying hydrated is of utmost importance, Mira writes.

Further, in her stories, she lists outs some ‘Pantry staples’ such as water chestnut flour(singhare ka atta), buckwheat flour(kuttu), amaranth flour(rajgira atta), barnyard millet (vrat ke chawal), pink salt, A2 ghee, jaggery, cold-pressed peanut oil, sabudana, makhana and dry fruits.

Then she gives out some ‘fast favourites’, the list includes green cardamom, light veggies like pumpkin, gheeya, torai, ginger, green chilli, potato, sweet potato, cucumber, raw banana, fresh organic milk, dahi, seasonal fruits and vegetables.  

Onion and garlic, tea/coffee, heavy spices, tomatoes with seeds, wheat rice, lentils and pulses, packaged food, sauces, processed cheese and refined sugar are to be avoided.  

Are you fasting these Navratras? And would you like to do it Mira’s millennial way? Do let us know.