Mini Mathur Infuses Her Chai Ka Cup With Lemongrass: 5 Lemongrass Recipes To Try At Home
Image Credit: Screengrab of post/Instagram, Mini Mathur seems to have her own kitchen garden with lemongrass.

Lemongrass is a citrus-based plant that adds a tangy flavour to your dishes. The goodness of lemongrass is abundant, from antibacterial properties to digestive benefits, you can swear by it for a lot of things. The use of this exquisite ingredient is quite common in Southeast Asian, from where it originates. Asian cuisine, particularly Thai cuisine extensively makes use of lemongrass in its dishes. From soups to curries and beverages, the tender stalks of lemongrass feature in most of the dishes on your table. Take the Thai green curry for instance. The rich, green colour and tangy taste is a result to kaffir lime, basil leaves and some fresh lemongrass. 

Seems like Mini Mathur is also a lemongrass fan. The Indian actress, model and television show host has also made small appearances on the big screen. Married to a well-known film director of the Hindi film industry, Mini Mathur took a break from her career after marriage and kids. The host got back in action with her Instagram show called The Mini Truck, featuring a range of foods she relishes. In fact, last year, she took a girls trip to Egypt and it was nothing short of a gastronomic affair. The popular host recently caught her friend stealing lemongrass from her garden and we became curious. 

Captioned as, “@karishmakohli stealing my lemongrass for her chai”, we see a boomerang of a girl swinging lemongrass stalks in her hand. While this seemed to be a fun moment, our attention was drawn towards the fact that Mini Mathur grows lemongrass in her kitchen garden. Moreover, it is being used to make lemongrass tea so we are a little more curious. Here’s what we are talking about. 

Source: Screengrab of Instagram Stories/Mini Mathur

Ditch the meat when you’ve got some lip-smacking tofu recipe. The tofu is diced into small cubes and tossed in lots of vegetables along with a tangy tamarind sauce. To add to this robust flavour, you can add some Thai fish sauce as well as chopped lemongrass. All this is cooked together in peanut oil and green chillies are sprinkled for the spiciness. Drizzle some brown sugar to balance the spiciness of the dish and we bet, you wouldn’t be able resist the unique taste.