Mindy Kaling’s Gujarati Feast And Undying Love For Indian Food
Image Credit: Mindy Kaling/Instagram, The Indian-American actress relishes dhokla made by her friend's mother.

The popularity of Indian cuisine across the globe is quite evident. One reason for this is the diversity of regional fares that encompass the large Indian cuisine as well as the Indian diaspora that continues to carry the culinary skills to places far and wide. The famous Indian origin actor, Mindy Kaling is one such person. A woman with many talents, Mindy Kaling is well-known for her direction and writing skills. However, the foodie side of her personality has not been hidden from many either. The director-writer also plays the character of a doctor who is a hard-core foodie in an American sitcom.

Surprisingly, Mindy has not forgotten her Indian roots. On several occasions, the actor has been spotted relishing Indian food to the core. She is quite active on Instagram and keeps her followers updated about the happenings of her day and daily nibbles. Recently, she took to her Instagram stories to share glimpses of a delectable Gujarati feast that she enjoyed at a friend’s place. She made a humble request to her friend to make dhokla for her and her friend’s mom ended up cooking an entire meal.

With plenty of dishes kept on the table, Mindy remarked that her friend’s mother makes a special dhokla that she really likes. However, “she made me a feast”. From dhokla to sambharo, pulao and more, the Gujarati spread looked lip-smacking. Dhokla, for the unversed, is a soft and spongy snack made with legumes and rice. It is tangy in flavour and a popular Gujarati bite. Sambharo is a cabbage-based sweet and sour dish that is usually eaten with chapati.

No wonder Mindy ended up taking four helpings of the dishes. This isn’t the first time that the 43-year-old actress was spotted with Indian food. Previously, she was seen enjoying a plate of masala dosa, some chicken curry and an Indian shrimp curry too. In an earlier post, she has also claimed that she loves Bengali egg curry and it was one of her favourite foods while growing up. What is interesting to note is that the American actress who dislikes Indian food in one of her shows is actually a huge fan of desi cuisine in real life.