Parineeti Chopra Celebrated Her Day Off Indulging In Indian food
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Parineeti Chopra’s Instagram is full of delicious delights. Whether the actress is abroad or in India, she loves to ‘gram about her #foodiediary. Parineeti’s keen interest in desi food is what stands out from all of her cuisine choices. Whether it’s tempting dishes from regional cuisines or juicy fruits like mangoes and lychees, they all make it to this foodie’s Instagram stories. What's most interesting about this actress’s relationship with food is that she is quite vocal about her indulgences and food choices. Parineeti who loves to unwind with a yummy treat, gave us lunch goals when she shared photos of her uber delicious Indian meal spread to her Instagram story. She decided to indulge in delectable desi dishes on her day off. The actress shared a series of pictures on her Instagram stories giving us a glimpse of her desi spread. Also Read: Parineeti Chopra Looks A Bit Confused About The Pronunciation Of This Dish

The very first story had the caption: day off done right. This was followed by a series of  food posts. Parineeti shared a sneak peek of her dining table with certain delicacies arranged on it in beautiful copper utensils. The meal was to be served on banana leaves as was evident by the pictures in which banana leaves were kept in front of every seat. Looks like Parineeti likes to devour an Indian meal in a traditional manner. The lunch spread consisted of bowls filled with gravy-laden dishes and topped with chopped green coriander. Beside the curry bowls, there was another bowl of crispy fried chopped onions that are usually used to garnish a dish like Biryani. There were sliced onions, lemon and green chillies for relishing along with the food. Also Read: Parineeti Chopra Finds The Perfect Gift For Comedian Bharti; A Bottle Of Achaar

Credit: Parineeti Chopra's Instagram.

Parineeti’s sumptuous Indian meal was guzzled down with the help of some tasty dessert. The actress devoured juicy and yummy bright orange mangoes that were sliced and kept on a plate. There was also a bowl full of white rasgullas that we spotted on the table. Parineeti captioned the post, “It went quick.” Looks like the actress had a great time indulging in the delicious delicacies. 

Parineeti’s obsession with Indian food isn’t new. Recently the actress visited Odisha and enjoyed Pakhala Bhaat. The Pakhala Bhaat is a dish that’s prepared by fermenting rice and is quite a popular dish from the regional cuisine of Odisha. On Parineeti's plate, one could also see a number of delicious curries, chopped onions and cucumbers along with the main dish. She captioned the photo, “What a lovely evening meeting the people of Odisha (and hogging on the local food as always).”Parineeti’s love for Italian cuisine is no less as the actress was seen recently unwinding with a whole pizza after a show that she attended.