Mindy Kaling Asks Twitter For Oats Suggestions, Here’s What We Would Recommend
Image Credit: From cookies to soups, a lot can be made with oats.

How often has it happened with you that you’ve made plans to follow a particular goal in the new year and end up breaking the resolution in the very first week? Always, a lot, a few or just one odd time. When we’re making a new year resolution, the idea behind it is to give ourselves a chance to alter something in our life and make it better. For instance, I’ve decided to exercise more regularly and eat healthy in 2022. My motivation is to get myself in shape and lead a healthier life for the long run. Similarly, a public figure has also decided to do something along the same lines although we aren’t sure of her motivation behind the same. 

Recently, Mindy Kaling took to her Twitter handle to express that she is planning to resolve to eat oatmeal this year. She goes on to ask the netizens to give her some suggestions about how to include oats in her diet. However, she clearly states that she doesn’t want the “squishy ones” which have been soaked overnight. The Hollywood producer is also a great actor who has starred in many shows including sitcoms like The Office as Kelly Kapoor along with being a writer for the same. The American writer of Indian origin has also touched upon her roots in the show, ‘Never have I ever’ on an OTT platform. 

                Source: Mindy Kaling/Twitter 

The Twitter users responded to her request with a series of suggestions to eat oats, including some giving the usual sweet and fruity recipes while others sharing some savoury oats ideas. One of them mentioned how she loves “cooked oats with a pat of butter on top and a soft boiled egg”. 

Now, since everyone joined the bandwagon, we thought that we should share our recommendations too. Here are some ways to eat oats without getting bored, especially if you aren’t a fan of overnight soaked ones like Mindy Kaling. 

1.  Oatmeal Pancakes 

While a bowl of oats is a super-charger in the morning and a great way to kick start the day, you can definitely do something more with that oats bowl. The pancake kind-of mornings are the ones meant for indulgence. Just so that you stick to your New Year resolution and don’t get carried away in indulgence, we have got oatmeal pancakes for you. Replace the regular flour with oats flour and add the same ingredients like you would for a pancake batter. Drizzle a dash of honey or maple syrup on it and you are good to go. 

2.  Vegetable And Oats Soup 

Looking for a light dinner or a quick evening snack in winters? Soup bowls should definitely be in your line of sight. This quick and easy-to-make soup recipe tastes delicious with the goodness of vegetables. Rolled oats are the perfect healthy substitute for corn flour or starch and they help to thicken the soup really well without ruining the taste. A hearty and healthy bowl of soup that is filling and nutritious, what else do you need? 

3.  Oats Coated Chicken Strips 

As the name suggests, you know you are up for a crunchy delight when you’ve got a bucket full of chicken strips in your hands. Dipped and tossed in a layer of dry oats, the chicken strips are then baked or fried to get a crispy exterior and a golden-brown colour. 

4.  Oatmeal Pumpkin Muffins 

The sweet tooth cannot be left behind when you’re actually looking at the versatility of oats. These oatmeal muffins are quite filling and healthy. The beautiful light-brown colour acquired by the muffins and the tangy taste of pumpkin makes them a delight for taste buds. 

5.  Oats Apple Crumble 

Apple crumble is one of my favourite desserts. Made with the deliciousness of oats, the apple crumble is heavenly and healthy treat to satiate the sugar cravings. The crunchiness is added to the dessert with some pecans or walnuts.