Explore The Most Searched Food On The Internet In 2023

Finally, December is here, and we are all eagerly waiting to welcome 2024. Throughout this year, there were numerous trends we came across, be it fashion, beauty, or even food. Being one of the most popular topics on the renowned search engine Google, food is not limited to just fitness. This year, we have seen several experiments in foods and diets as well. 

From searching for delectable recipes to discovering the culinary landscape of the world, Google has become our dictionary for exploring the vast world of food. Since it is the end of the year, most of us have the habit of exploring the most searched items on Google. So, if you are looking for the top food searches of 2023, here is the list of the most searched foods on Google this year, based on the data from Google Trends: 


Millets will be one of the most searched food items on Google in 2023. People have searched for everything about these grains, including their types, benefits, and recipes. The main reason for this could be the recognition of millets by the Food and Agriculture Organisation and the United Nations, and 2023 was also declared the International Year of Millets. 


This American fruit has gained huge popularity among people following a healthy diet. From the classic avocado toast to salads, this soft and creamy fruit has made its place in all three meals of the day. Though it is a little expensive, avocado is famous around the world for its nutritional profile. Being rich in healthy fats, it is said to be good for weight loss. 

Mutton Rogan Josh

In terms of non-vegetarian dishes, mutton rogan josh has marked its presence on the top-searched food items of 2023. This popular Kashmiri dish is rich in taste and has a special place in the heart of every non-vegetarian lover. Served with rice, naan, or roti, it is prepared by slow-cooking succulent mutton in a spicy gravy.  

Kathi Rolls

Every street food lover is aware of the mouthwatering kathi rolls. Made with a combination of fried vegetables and chicken chunks along with thin flour bread, it is served with a layer of savoury sauce on the top. Available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian versions, people relish it as a quick snack option available in every street shop. 

Tinned Fish

This is another food trend for 2023. Tinned or canned fish is known to be a convenient and inexpensive source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. They are food fish that have been processed and sealed in an airtight container. Tinned fish can be included in various recipes, such as salads, sandwiches, pasta, and casserole dishes. 

Butter Boards 

This is the newest trend on social media. Butter boards involve spreading butter on a board and then serving it with various toppings like sliced bread, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Known to be a fun way to get a daily dose of healthy fats, it is a very easy-to-prepare treat that anyone can make in their kitchen.