Microwave Shortcuts For Every Home Cook To Know
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Unlike stovetop cooking or using an oven, microwave cooking is pretty uncomplicated and takes the pressing of a few buttons to get what you need done. Although not the most ideal way to cook or achieve the best results, there are a handful of tasks that a microwave can be unmatched at. Any cooking activity that involves a bit of a mess can be scaled down and replicated in a microwave, as long as functionality is on the top of your list. However, there are also a few ways to effectively use your kitchen gadget in a way that serves a larger purpose and not just reheats food whenever needed.

Drying Herbs

Microwaves are an ideal tool for dehydrating anything from fresh herbs, tomato skins as well as green onions and sliced garlic. Drying herbs and other ingredients in the microwave takes a fraction of the time you would otherwise spend as well as preserves both, flavour and colour.

Frying Alliums 

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Alliums like garlic, onions, shallots and green onions, that are typically used as garnish over Asian food like soups or noodles, can be fried to a crisp in the microwave in large batches. Sliced alliums are porous enough for the water to evaporate and crisp up without having to make a mess on your stovetop.

Toasting Nuts/Seeds

Toasting seeds or nuts sprinkled with a bit of oil allows them to brown evenly in a microwave and develop complex flavours. All you need is a few drops of any fat and a minute for the seeds to enhance their crunch, flavour and colour – which you could use in everything from seed powders to granola.

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Cooking Corn

Yes, you read right. Sticking a cob of corn inside a microwave for 3-4 minutes gives you the most perfect corn-on-the-cob without burning your hands. Microwaving a whole fresh knob of corn is one of the most effective ways to recreate the outdoor barbecue effect within your home.

Tempering Chocolate

Using a thermometer and having a keen eye will help you use your gadget as one of the least hassle-free ways of tempering chocolate. You could continue to get on with the other steps while baking, as the chocolate takes its time to melt and turn glossy.

Cook Rice

This fool-proof and starch-free way of making rice is easy simply because you don’t really have to keep an eye on it, while doing other things around the kitchen. Avoid pulling out large pots or pans to cook modest servings of rice on a typical weekday and save yourself the washing up after.

Crisp Up Bacon

Anything that involves cooking bacon in a splatter-free manner is ideal when you don’t have the time to clean up after breakfast! This method is also perfect for those who have limited access to space or own a kitchenette while travelling.