Keep 8 Things In Mind While Cooking In Microwave
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The microwave oven is becoming one of the most essential kitchen appliances in today's time. Thanks to its unique advantages, it has become everyone's choice to cook food in a microwave oven. It is one such kitchen appliance that saves time, quickly heats food, and is also used for cooking. But while cooking food in a microwave oven, you should take special care of a few things. So, let's know about its benefits and items related to its use.

8 Things To Keep A Tab On While Cooking

  1. Take a ceramic bowl to boil vegetables in the microwave oven. Add two or three tablespoons of water and cover the ceramic plate over the bowl. Let it cook in steam for 3-4 minutes.
  2. Adding salt while cooking absorbs the food's moisture, so it's better to avoid it. Instead, after cooking, please take out the bowl and add salt to it.
  3. For the utensils that you are using in the oven for cooking, first, check whether they are microwave-safe or not.
  4. Keep the microwave door open after cooking because the humidity inside can damage the oven.
  5. Use oval or round-shaped utensils in the oven because food is cooked quickly in such utensils.
  6. For proper functioning of the microwave oven for a long time, keep cleaning it from time to time.
  7. Do not cook in rectangular or square-shaped utensils, as they take more time to cook.
  8. When the microwave is not working, keep it switched off.

Microwave Oven: Cooking Benefits

  1. Automatic Switch Off: Microwave ovens' most significant advantage is setting a timer before cooking or heating food, which automatically turns off when the time is up.
  2. Quick Cooking: If you are in a hurry, you can use a microwave oven because it cooks food faster than other cooking methods.
  3. Low Heating Effect: The low heating effect in the microwave oven never lets the utensils heat up.
  4. Nutritious Cooking: Food cooked in a microwave oven is healthier.

What To Remember When Using A Microwave Oven?

  1. Always use gloves when taking food out of the microwave oven; otherwise, you may burn your hands.
  2. If your microwave oven is damaged, don't fix it yourself. Instead, call the service provider to repair.
  3. Before using the microwave oven, read all the instructions and follow the rules.
  4. Never use metal and plastic cookware in a microwave oven.