Michelin Star Chef Ana Ros Goes Seafood Shopping At Mumbai Docks

Being one of the world’s best chefs, Slovenian culinary legend Ana Ros has surely been making the most of her time in India. Curious to explore local ingredients and experience the food cultures of two bustling metropolises – Delhi and Mumbai, the chef behind the legendary Hisa Franko restaurant, is currently spending time in India at the moment. Like anyone passionate about cooking and food, Ana hit up the docks in Mumbai at the crack of dawn, to check out some of the fresh catch that came in fresh off the boat.

Sharing pictures of an assortment of fresh seafood, Ana shared images of squid, shark, pomfret, stingray and gar, while gushing about how inspirational her visit to India has been. In preparation for her ‘A Dinner To Remember’, all set to take place over the next couple of days following her whirlwind week in Delhi, the World’s Best Chef of 2017 will also be hosting masterclasses at the dinner venue. Blending indigenous produce with her culinary experience, interesting dishes with unusual flavour combinations are the focus of her curated dining experience.

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From vegetarian delights like tacos with eggplant and grapes, to a course with king mackerel-cashew sesame beurre blanc and blackberries, guests are all set to experience a dinner that reflects the philosophy at Hisa Franko. In addition to her visit to the docks, Ana also teamed up with celebrity chef Saransh Goila to visit local vegetable markets and snack shops. The two illustrious chefs even collaborated to make a cooking video for Goila’s social media, which he divulged in the caption adjoining the series of photos he shared. “Spoke to her about spices, sustainability, seasonal ingredients and local produce and was inspired to cook something in my own kitchen,” Goila shared.