Mexican Woman Shows Off Her Amazing Chopping Skills In Viral Video; Seen It Yet?
Image Credit: Image: Instagram @foodingwitme

Let’s just agree that cooking is a tedious task. But what is it about the process that actually tires us so much? If you ask me, it is the process of chopping vegetables that puts me off or simply makes me feel lazy to do it. The pre-preparation of a meal - which includes washing the vegetables, cutting them into small pieces and making everything ready before the meal preparation - is indeed an arduous task. But all of it can come easy with some practice and patience, as we develop a certain speed in completing these mundane tasks. Recently, we saw a video going viral, that proves that with time and patience, certain tasks can be aced. Case in point - chopping. A food blogger on Instagram showed us a sneak peek of how her Mexican mother chopped up vegetables perfectly, without even requiring a chopping board. Take a look at the video:

 Isn’t that amazing? This clip has left the netizens impressed. Originally shared by blogger @daisypartyoftres, and reposted by the account @foodingwitme on Instagram Reels, the video shows a Mexican woman holding some kind of squash or summer vegetable in one hand with a razor-sharp knife in the other. She starts by cutting it from the top to create lateral sections and then slices the vegetable horizontally to get plenty of small pieces in one go pretty smoothly. 

The video went viral in no time, receiving over 4 million views and more than 165k likes. "Mexican moms built different," read the caption to the clip. 

The fact that she was able to do it without using a chopping board or base impressed internet users to no end. "Wow, I would have lost my hand," wrote one user in the comments while another said, "Who needs a cutting board anyways!" Others said that mothers and grandmothers across the world seem to have this level of expertise in cutting, as shown in the viral video. "Indian moms too," quipped one user. 

What did you think of the woman’s amazing cutting skills? Let us know.