5 Healthy Alternatives To Milk Chocolate While PMSing
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Whether it is in cakes, ice creams, puddings or a simple bar of your favourite milk chocolate, the percentage of sugar that goes into your body, as a result of consuming it in various forms, is incomprehensible. Women, especially around the time of their period, experience sugar cravings and turn to either of these options to make themselves feel better about back pains and cramps. However okay it might be to consume a larger quantity of calories around the time of your period, the build-up of sugar can have adverse effects on the body. Hence, here are a few ways to keep your chocolate cravings going, without the after-effects of consuming sugar-loaded confections.

Cacao Nibs

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Along with being an aphrodisiac, cacao nibs are great to release happy hormones in the brain, especially during the time of PMS – where mood swings occur often. Have a jar of cacao nibs handy to use in smoothies, ice creams, to sprinkle over muesli or even use in milkshakes. Cacao nibs are also antioxidant-rich and perfect to sprinkle over your breakfast of pancakes or French toast.

Non-Alkalised Cacao Powder

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Even if you aren’t a typical sweets eater during your PMS or period, the monsoon season is the right time to indulge in a steaming cup of hot chocolate. Using non-alkalised cacao powder instead of the highly processed and refined cocoa powder is also a great alternative to use in baking tea cakes or even to add to smoothie bowls.

60% Dark Chocolate

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Like sushi, developing a liking for dark chocolate is an acquired taste; especially when the dominating flavour profile is bitter and decadent. As the name suggests, 60% dark chocolate contains all the antioxidants you need during that time of the month and eases your sugar cravings, within a few bites. Have a bar or two lying around the refrigerator and use it to make a delicious ganache and top off your ice cream sundae.

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Dark Couverture Chocolate

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Typically containing a higher amount of cocoa butter than the processed, synthetic chocolate you find commonly, couverture chocolate is perfect to use for dipping or tempering. Melt a cup of chopped couverture dark chocolate and pair with fruits like peaches, pears and cherries to enjoy a healthy dessert. You can also add some coconut oil for an added shine, while melting the chocolate and pour it on top of your favourite ice cream to get that classic hard shell.

Nut Butters

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Although not essentially in the same category as ‘chocolate’ alternatives that taste like chocolate, nut butters made with almonds, cashews and hazelnuts are high on protein content as well as have a creamy and luxurious texture. Grab a spoonful to eat with a banana or just by itself, when the craving for something sweet hits. You could also add a scoop of nut butter to smoothies, pancakes as well as slather over multigrain toast for a quick breakfast.