Meet Shilpa Shetty, The Snack Queen We Deserve

Actress Shilpa Shetty is inarguably one of the fittest actors of our generation. The 45-year-old diva, who is also an author, entreprenuer, philanthropist and TV show personality swears by Yoga and healthy eating. She is also very vocal against fad diets and starving, the actress eats to her heart’s content, and keeps it local and clean. She also seems to be very fond of snacking, and if you ask nutritionists, it may not be that bad a habit. Provided you choose your snacks wisely.  

In this fun reel, captioned “Who said I eat too many meals in a day?”, Shilpa can be seen indulging in a variety of snacks through the day and being teased by her crew members. When one of her friend asks, which number meal was she having while getting her hair done, Shilpa replies, “Chai isn’t meal, it is a celebration”. Touche Shilpa, Touche.  

Then she finally reveals that it was in fact her second meal, the first meal was soaked oats with apple and pomegranate.

But the questions don’t cease, neither does Shilpa with her snacks ka dabba. At times she is munching on pomegranate, papayas, pineapple, cherries, or sipping on vegan coffee.

Finally, when someone asks her, “isn’t this like your tenth meal of the day?”, She snaps and says, “How can you call it a meal it is a snack”, gesturing at her box of murmura (puffed rice) and peanuts, a healthy, desi trail mix. The camera points at her crew member Mr. Babloo, who agrees that Shilpa’s snacking is just adequate.  

Now if all of these snacks have made you just a wee bit hungry then you are not alone. It is a task to find healthy snacks around home, especially when a jar of namkeen is right there, tempting you with its colour and crunch. But if you are willing to experiment, it is not so difficult. Here is a healthy namkeen recipe you can try.