Meaty Affair: 4 Non-Veg Rasams To Soothe Your Souls This Weather
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There used to be this big South Indian restaurant in Delhi’s Khanna Market in Lodi Colony, they would serve a complimentary Rasam before each dish and I would guzzle it down in no time. Unfortunately, though, I wouldn’t have the same appetite or the zeal for the dishes that would follow; their Uttapam was either too thick, or the sambhar would not be as spicy as I like. For a south Indian restaurant, plenty of their dishes did not hit the spot. The restaurant shut down a few years ago, but it would always remain special for the unending love it instilled in me for Rasam.

Rasam is a clear, runny South Indian soup renowned for its tangy, spicy and eclectic flavours. There are many different kinds of Rasams around from Mor Rasam made with buttermilk, to pepper cumin rasam, tomato rasam, pineapple rasam and Mysore Rasam, which is finished off with coconut shavings. However, very rarely do we speak about non-vegetarian rasams. Adding chicken, mutton or fish to your rasam can yield delicious results too, and here’s proof.  

Mutton Elambu Rasam

This hearty soup made with mutton (with bones) black pepper, cumin seeds, dried red chillies and lots of water is actually very beneficial for your bones and overall health too. Make sure you cook until the mutton is tender.  

Chicken Rasam

All the chicken lovers, raise your hands. Is there anything more comforting than a bowl of chicken soup in this weather? We guess not, give this soup a desi twist with this chicken rasam, comprising the goodness of lemon juice, ghee, coriander leaves, onion paste, and more.  

John Dory And Potato Rasam

Also known as St. Pierre and Peter’s fish, John Dory is one of the most exquisite types of fish known known for its soft, buttery white flesh. Combine this delicious fish with the goodness of potatoes in this tempting soup, and you have a Rasam with a continental edge. A must-try.  

Meen Saaru (Fish Rasam)

If John Dory is a little out of your budget, then you can try this basic fish rasam too. This rasam combines salted fish, tamarind pulp, tomato puree, black pepper, cumin seeds, mustard seeds for an overall tangy and tantalising fare.  

So, how many of these Rasams will you try today? Do let us know.