Meals For When You’re Feeling Under The Weather
Image Credit: Pixabay. Chicken noodle soup never fails to make us feel warm and fuzzy; it’s just like a hug from a loved one.

No one likes sick days. As harrowing as they may be, they’re also an excuse to indulge in some of your favourite foods. Some people look at these foods as uninteresting and a compulsion, while others look forward to enjoying them even when they aren’t ill. From chicken soup to curd rice, there’s a whole range of dishes that are comforting and curative for when you’re feeling under the weather:

Chicken noodle soup

Chicken soup is a classic dish that people eat when they’re sick, and the addition of noodles to chicken soup makes it even more wholesome. It’s a comforting dish for when you have a cold or flu, and especially when it’s freezing outside. Add garlic and ginger to your chicken and noodle soup to give it extra flavour and goodness. Chicken noodle soup never fails to make us feel warm and fuzzy; it’s just like a hug from a loved one. 


Desi grandmothers are known for recommending khichdi to those who’re younger and not feeling well, be it a stomach bug or fever. This mashup of lentil and rice is resisted by some for being boring and bland, and embraced by others for being healthy and tasty. Despite the fact that people are divided when it comes to the taste of khichdi, its restorative properties cannot be denied. Eat it with yogurt or pickle and papad if it feels too bland otherwise.

Garlic broth

Garlic broth has been making the news for the last few years for being a meal with healing properties. Garlic helps boost immunity, regulate blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and is also an antibiotic. Garlic broth is a soothing and comforting soup that can be made with herbs like coriander, parsley and sage. It’s tasty and takes away that low feeling that comes with being sick. Have it with some bread on the side for a dose of carbohydrates. 

Green smoothie

When you’re sick, there’s hardly any motivation or energy to spend hours in the kitchen. A smoothie is the ideal companion on such days because all the ingredients need to be put into a blender and blitzed for a healthy meal. Smoothies may be considered a meal on their own because they’re filling and rich in the goodness of the fruits and vegetables that go into them. Make a green smoothie with spinach, avocado and any kind of nut milk. It will keep you hydrated and feeling like you’ve done your body some good. 

Curd rice

Curd rice is the go-to meal for most people in India when they have a stomach bug. It’s easy to prepare: cooked rice is mixed with yogurt, to which a tempering of mustard seeds and curry leaves is added. A healthy and satisfying meal, curd rice is light on the stomach and improves digestion. It also helps cool the body when the heat is at its peak, and aids weight loss. Some people also believe that curd rice uplifts the mood.