Mazagran: Everything You Need To Know About This Algerian Iced Coffee
Image Credit: Photo by Marta Dzedyshko from Pexels

The love for coffee is ineffable; who else agrees? Be it an iced coffee or a hot coffee, we believe it’s always hard to find a single soul on this planet who doesn't like at least one of them. If you have always been obsessed with coffee and love seeing a gamut of coffee varieties and types, then you are going to love reading all about this iced coffee we have bought for you today. Besides, it’s our National Coffee Day today, and there’s only one day left for International Coffee Day, Yippee! It's getting difficult for us to keep calm and hold our excitement inside, so let’s quickly get started.

Mazagran is a cold, sweetened coffee drink that has its fine roots and origin from Algeria. This Algerian coffee drink has been regarded as ‘ the original iced coffee’ in the world, which is prepared by pouring brewed coffee such as an espresso over many ice cubes, with a wee bit of lemon juice added for additional taste and flavour.

The history behind this original iced coffee:

Mazagran is speculated to have originated in the early 18th century in Algiers, mostly in 1837. There are several fascinating theories as to how it got its name and the story behind its invention. One says that this drink got its name from a fortress named Mazagran itself in Alergia, Algiers. During those ancient days, at the Mazagran fortress, French colonial troops consumed this drink daily by simply making it with coffee syrup and cold water. Another theory tells us that the drink may have originated from French Foreign Legion soldiers who fought during the siege of Mazagran, a town in Algeria. They, too, drank this iced coffee to counter the heat.

How is a mazagran prepared?

There are countless variations of this drink, and each country follows their style and mix of ingredients. The original and authentic flavoured Mazagran is prepared with only a hot and strong coffee poured over ice in a tall and narrow glass. However, the Portuguese version calls out to make with an additional ingredient that is lemon.

We bet you wouldn't have had this world's most authentic iced coffee, so make one soon!