Matt Preston, Gary Mehigan Feast On Delhi’s Culinary Delights

Former Masterchef Australia celebrity judges – Matt Preston and Gary Mehigan – have been living it up to their heart’s content, indulging in quintessential Delhi delights, ever since they landed in the country a few weeks ago. Following a culinary trip around Rajasthan, the chefs shared glimpses of their adventures around the narrow lanes of the old city – which holds some of Delhi’s iconic food offerings – Matt and Gary enjoyed delicacies like daulat ki chaat, a white butter sandwich, crisp veggie-loaded parathas with achaar and chutney, as well as freshly baked nankhatai biscuits baked under hot coals.

Their exploration of Indian street food also led them to sample some delicious chhole-kulche, while they admired street carts loaded with winter produce like red carrots, cauliflower and leafy greens. A few shots from the video Matt shared on social media, also showed him capturing a snack shop with an impressive display of treats, while in another video he shared a few glimpses from the duo’s visit to the spice market. Gushing about his sensory experience, Matt shared, “I have almost as much of an obsession with the doorways and spices of old Delhi as food - especially kesuri methi!”

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In addition to these street food delights, the iconic duo also paid a visit to Delhi’s famous Café Lota for dinner, where they relished a spread of appams, mustard fish tikka and a serving of sattu parathas accompanied by chokha, aloo sabzi and sirka pyaaz. Their meal also included a grand thali feast, that was lush with preparations of vegetables, kadhi, rice, raita and salad. Gary, who has been actively sharing glimpses of what he calls a ‘quick trip’ to the country, had previously shared pictures of kadhi-kachori, kathal ki nihari and palak patta chaat, while spending time in Jaipur.