Mastering The Art Of Vodka: 5 Expert Tips To Follow

Vodka is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in the world. Its name comes from the Russian word ‘voda’ which means ‘water, inspired by its clear liquid and bland aroma. Mainly composed of water and ethanol, this alcoholic beverage is typically distilled from grains or potatoes.  

This versatile spirit is a go-to option to create countless mixed drinks. There are very few rules to savour vodka, and you are free to experiment with the liquor by blending it with other ingredients. The delicate taste of this liquor also makes it a wonderful base for a variety of cocktails such as cosmopolitans and espresso martini. 


Garnishing is a great way to elevate your drinking experience. Speaking particularly about vodka, there is a wide variety of garnishes you can use to change this simple spirit into a delightful and personalised drink. Herbs and edible flowers work perfectly for vodka cocktails. To give a zingy kick to the vodka add a twist of citrus rind, for a savoury note add plump olive and a sprig of fresh herbs if you want a herbal aroma.  

Chilled or Room Temperature   

If you prefer smoother and richer vodka, serve it as ice cold as possible. You can either pour the drink over ice in a glass or chill a bottle in the freezer. Be it vodka shots or cocktails, enjoying it chilled creates the best drinking experience. According to Bogue Sound Distillery, as the temperature of this distilled liquor drops, the viscosity of vodka increases making the drink thicker. 

Vodka Cocktails  

Feel free to experiment with your favourite ingredients to create delightful drinks starting from vodka tonic with tonic water, to bloody Mary that includes multiple ingredients such as lemon juice, tomato juice and pepper. Juices of fruits like cranberry, pineapple, pomegranate, orange, lime and grapefruit are perfect to blend with vodka. Some classic vodka cocktails are Moscow mule, greyhound and cosmopolitan.  

Flavour The Vodka 

There is a wide range of flavoured vodka available in the market but crafting your own drink gives a different kick. You can infuse your vodka concoctions with thyme, cucumber, coconut, mint and blackberries for the best flavours. To give it a sweet spin go for gummy candies. All you have to do is simply pour vodka into a glass container, add your favourite ingredients to infuse and seal it until ready to use.   

Pair With Food   

It is always important to pair your alcohol with the right food for the best experience. When it comes to vodka, smoked fish (of all kinds), pickled herrings, smoked ham, beetroot salad, creamy and salty cheeses are the best accompaniments for this spirit. It is also an amazing addition while preparing dishes like pasta sauces, pie dough and pastries.