Masoor Dal, A Vegetarian Protein For Your Fat Loss Needs

Dals and lentils are extremely rich sources of protein and nutrients which not only help to nourish the body but also strengthen its overall wellness by promoting healthy growth and enhancing muscle recovery and repair. Most times, lentils or legumes are overlooked as sources of good quality protein and minerals like zinc, magnesium, potassium and iron which are extremely essential for the smooth functioning of multiple bodily systems. However, lentils and pulses are in fact easily affordable than other meat-based protein sources and can be stored in the kitchen pantry for months together.

One such superfood among lentils is the masoor dal, the bright reddish orange dal with a brilliant hue which signifies its rich iron, magnesium and phosphorous content. Masoor dal has a distinct flavour of its own that made into a dal or lentil soup, infused with flavours of ginger and garlic, give it an elevated texture and flavour profile. The lentil has numerous health benefits too, here are some of them:

1. Rich Source Of Protein: Masoor dal is an excellent source of protein and a good option for vegetarians working on fat loss to incorporate into their daily diet. Having masoor dal in soups or with rice can give the body its required protein intake.

2. Fibre-Rich Food: Masoor is also rich in fibre which helps to enhance gut health and boost overall metabolism. A healthy gut has a direct impact on fat loss because it ensures that all damaging toxins are flushed out of the body.

3. Nutrient Source: Masoor dal is a rich nutrient source, filled with minerals like magnesium and phosphorous that aid in maintaining overall pH levels in the body. 

4. Boosts Energy: Masoor dal is rich in protein which means it also helps the body to remain energetic and induces satiety without making the body feel sluggish or lethargic. It is easy to absorb and prevents a rapid insulin spike.

5. Strengthens Heart: Recent studies have indicated that masoor can be useful for lowering bad cholesterol levels, regulate blood pressure and reduce the constriction of blood vessels thereby lowering the tendency of heart disease.

Adding masoor dal to your diet is especially easy in Indian regional cuisine because dals and legumes are a staple in most households. Available readily at your local grocer buying this dal is indeed like giving a shout out to your regional food culture. Masoor is a superfood that can do wonders for a body's overall wellness. Here are some recipes made from masoor dal that can be incorporated as options in a fat loss diet. Have the dal in moderation and reduce overeating which can be harmful if you are focused on building healthy muscle and losing fat:

Masoor Dal

Make dal tadka using masoor dal instead of your usual tur dal for a delicious and nutritious variation. Have it with rice or chapati and a bowl full of raw salad for a nourishing, low-calorie lunch.

Masoor Soup

Lentil soup made using masoor is a good option for a light but filling dinner. You can cook the masoor dal and adjust the quantity of water to make it into a warm, soothing beverage. Add grated ginger and crushed carrots for enhanced flavour.

Masoor Kebab

Mix together a mash of masoor dal and some crushed paneer to make a nutritious vegetarian kebab. Shallow fry the small tikkis and serve them with mint chutney for adding some extra flavour to the dish.

Masoor Biryani

Dal biryani is a delicacy in some regions and when made using masoor dal, it also acquires a protein-rich profile that is as delicious as it is healthy. Add apricots, raisins and lots of mint to the masoor dal biryani recipe for enhancing its flavours.

Masoor Dosa

Add a bit of masoor dal to dosa batter while fermenting it in order to mix some protein into this already nourishing meal. While making the dosa, be sure to add chopped carrots, onions and ginger to the dish to make a tasty afternoon snack.

Masoor Khichdi

Instead of making your usual tur dal ki khichdi, add masoor to rice and cook this pairing together for a healthy dose of protein. The flavours of the masoor dal with its slightly coarse texture blend well with rice to make a very wholesome meal served with ghee and curd.

Masoor Wrap

Make a whole wheat wrap out of mashed masoor dal which lends itself well as a stuffing. Mix the dal with some crushed paneer, ginger-garlic paste, cumin and coriander powder and other assorted condiments to enhance the flavour of the wrap.

Masoor Curry

A Kerala-style recipe made in coconut oil, the masoor curry or parippu curry is infused with flavours of coconuts and curry leaves and can be enjoyed with rice. You can also pour a coconut oil tadka over this dish to give it an extra oomph.