Masaba Gupta's 'December Kitchen' Symbolises Wellness Practices

Acclaimed fashion designer Masaba Gupta, who is known for her impeccable sense of style, is also a self-confessed foodie. Besides having been vocal about her struggles with weight and body image as a consequence of indulging in delicious treats, she has also advocated for maintaining a balance between fitness and cheat days. As a way of motivating her audience and also sharing a glimpse of what keeps her fit during the winter months, Masaba shared a picture of what she calls, her ‘December Kitchen’.

Featuring, what can be defined as the ‘Mount Rushmore of health and wellness’, the image showcased a copper water bottle, a glass of freshly squeezed beetroot juice, cordyceps tea, a pack of spirulina-brahmi blended edible mix and a depuffing tool for the face. Labelling each of the objects, she referred to the cordyceps tea as the ‘holy grail of Chinese medicine’, while also endorsing the wellness mix as something she consumed for good gut, skin and hair health. As someone who has always enjoyed the traditional way of consuming food as medicine, Masaba has also previously shared her belief in consuming specific ingredients to create a balance within her body.

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Steering clear of refined sugar, dairy and alcohol, the designer has always been a supporter of the effect home-cooked, seasonal meals can have on one’s health. Her diet that usually includes jowar or bajra rotis, along with vegetables, rice and a small portion of something sweet, is one that she defines as sustainable and nourishing for her long-term well-being. Her will to embrace a healthy lifestyle also stems from her struggles with PCOD from an early age, which made her conscious about what she consumed, as well as maintaining portion control. Needed your daily dose of fitness inspiration? Look no further!