Introduce yourself to Anna Ameyama. On August 8, the newest member of the Marvel Entertainment LLC universe will make its debut as the star of Marvel's Infinity Comics' Test Kitchen. Each instalment will include a recipe as well as all of the required comic book action. The announcement will be made Friday afternoon at the San Diego Comic-Con.

It only makes sense to create an in-universe character to be at the forefront of all these endeavours, according to C.B. Cebulski, editor-in-chief of The Walt Disney Company-owned Marvel Comics. Marvel continues to expand our culinary efforts, from our main food and comics panel at comic-cons to developing our food-focused Eat the Universe brand, products, and content, to places like the Avengers campus.

Infinity Comics, which debuted in September 2021, was designed as a vertical format to stream on phones and tablets and featured characters such as Black Widow, Captain America, and Deadpool. With over 30,000 comics read daily, Infinity Comics titles rank among the top ten most read issues on the Marvel platform. According to Cebulski, Infinity Comics helps to broaden Marvel's audience to a generation that consumes everything on screen."At the moment, three segments of the market are experiencing tremendous growth in comic book reading: digital, vertical, and global." "A comic like Test Kitchen, which contains both stories and recipes, should appeal to a different type of viewer/reader than we've traditionally reached out to Marvel," says the company.

Infinity Comics' vertical storytelling aspect, according to Cebulski, "works perfectly" to illustrate a concept like cooking, giving it a video-like aspect, especially when scrolling quickly through screens. In comparison to printed superhero comics, it enables us to reach a wider market, he claims.

Ameyama is introduced to the superhero team in the Test Kitchen, which was written by Chef Paul Ashback and illustrated by artist EJ Su, when Iron Man crashes into his food truck parked on a Manhattan street. (She tells clients that she worked at high-end restaurants such as Jean-Georges in New York and Den in Tokyo, Asia's No. 1 restaurant, before venturing out on her own.)

Iron Man falls from the sky and lands on his truck as she serves the daily special—pork katsu torta on a handmade Telera with secret sauce. He's hungry, so she makes him a torta. (He claims that the shawarma locations are lacking in order to keep the joke out of the original Avengers film.)

He occasionally employs her at Stark Enterprises. The recipe for the first episode, unsurprisingly, is "The Torta That Knocked Out Iron Man."

There will be no more spoiler alerts for the series from Marvel. According to a Marvel Entertainment spokesperson, Amayama will not have any superpowers other than exceptional knife skills, though future episodes may reveal the secret Avengers legacy.