Manushi Chhillar Breaks Vegetarian Streak For New Film

Preparing for a role in a high octane action film requires plenty of physical training – with a strict exercise and diet routine. Experiencing the challenge she was faced with while gearing up for a role in the film Bade Miyan, Chote Miyan, actress Manushi Chhilar saw herself transitioning to a non-vegetarian diet to meet her daily protein intake. A vegetarian since childhood, the actress had sworn to never eat meat because she had never consumed any before.

However, on testing positive for COVID while shooting another film as her latest came along, Manushi had to build muscle to play the part of an army captain. A high protein diet that was prescribed by her father, who is a doctor, suggested that Manushi switch to eating meat to maintain protein intake. This dietary switch also helped the actress stay on course while filming overseas in Jordan and Scotland, where vegetarian options were scarce.

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When she started off, Manushi requested for a dish that did not resemble chicken so that she could eat it without feeling queasy, as her father accompanied her at the dining table and insist that she finish her food. Known to have a fairly healthy diet routine, the actress usually eats a bowl of oats for breakfast mixed with bananas, nuts, coconut shavings and fruit. While following a vegetarian diet, her typical lunch would include dal-rice, roti, vegetables and a spoon of ghee. Her usual meal for dinner would comprise of paneer/tofu, a portion of homemade hummus and more vegetables. For an extra dose of indulgence, Manushi also finds comfort in bingeing on gluten-free brownies.