Manhattan Cocktail: 5 Versions You Just Can’t Avoid

Manhattan is one of the most legendary cocktails that has been staple to the menu for ages. This elegant and simple concoction of a very few ingredients makes this drink classic and our favourite. Made with a base of Rye Whisky or Bourbon and Sweet Vermouth, it has a few drops of cocktail bitters and this, makes this cocktail legendary.  

This cocktail appeals not just to novices but also to seasoned drinkers. But do you know how this legendary cocktail came to being? There are many legends behind this cocktail’s origin. But it certainly dates back to somewhere around mid 1800s and was one of the first cocktails that had Sweet Vermouth in them. Some believe that this cocktail is associated with the Manhattan club while some have guessed that the cocktail has got its name from the famous New York Borough, Manhattan. No matter how this cocktail came to being or how was it invented, it will always remain to be PERFECT!!

To celebrate this cocktail even more, let us know about Manhattan variations that we must try at least once. Scroll down!! 

Black Manhattan 

If you love a good Manhattan, it's time to give it a black Manhattan spin. This cocktail has Italian amaro instead of sweet vermouth and is stronger and boozier than its other counterparts but with a chocolate and caramel note.  

Bourbon Manhattan 

Well, this cocktail is already the favourite of some of us. This has the vibrant flavour of bourbon whiskey used instead of rye whiskey. The touch of caramel oak and vanilla with bourbon makes it a perfect concoction. Ever tried it? 


When Maraschino liqueur and dry vermouth meets, they add a sophisticated flavour to this drink and makes it special. Brooklyn spirit add the right twist to the drink and makes it perfect for dinner parties or cozy cocktail hour.  


This special cocktail with an unusual name is a much-awaited spin on the classic cocktail. It has coffee liqueur swapped with Sweet Vermouth. The oak and sweet vanilla notes along with a touch bittersweet coffee flavour, makes this cocktail worth try. 

Brandy Manhattan 

Who on this planet can say no to brandy? If you are looking to have a Manhattan with more of a sophisticated spin, try this brandy Manhattan. Brandy, because of its fruity and floral notes, makes this cocktail a little sweeter and much more exciting.  

What say? Try these Manhattan versions and let us know which one you liked the most!