Manhattan: All About The Cocktail Born In New York
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New York City is a place where dreams and hard work come together. Here, a famous drink was created - the Manhattan cocktail. The brown liquid spins around in the fancy glass and is usually credited to have been born in the stories Gilded Age of New York history. Come and find out where this famous drink came from. Read on and explore how it changed over time and why people love it so much. 

The Birth Of The Classic Cocktail 

The Manhattan cocktail has a bunch of different stories about how it was invented. The one most people believe comes from an old book published in 1923 called Valentine's Manual of Old New York. A bartender named William Mulhall who worked at the Hoffman House hotel said the Manhattan was invented in the 1860s by a guy named Black. He owned a bar about 10 blocks away from the Hoffman House called the Manhattan Inn.  

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Later, a historian named David Wondrich did some research and found records of a George Black who had a bar close to Houston Street, just like the bartender said. So, it seems like the bartender's story checks out! But Wondrich found out the drink was invented a little later, in the 1870s, not the 1860s.  

So, the bottom line is, a long time ago a person named George Black who owned a bar invented the Manhattan cocktail. People thought he did it in the 1860s but turns out it was the 1870s. But it was still this George Black guy who came up with it! 

Evolution Of The Cocktail 

Mixing Up the Manhattan 

The Manhattan cocktail became a big hit. Bartenders started playing around with the recipe. They swapped the French vermouth for sweet vermouth. This made the drink taste even richer and yummier. 

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The Perfect Topping 

A Manhattan must have a cherry on top! This bright cherry doesn't just look pretty. It also adds a touch of sweetness. This sweetness balances the strong whiskey taste. The cherry is the final ingredient that makes a Manhattan complete. 

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Making The Perfect Manhattan – The Art 

Picking the Right Whiskey - The heart of Manhattan is whiskey - rye, bourbon, or a fancy single malt. Each one adds its own twist to the drink.   

Finding the Perfect Vermouth - Mixing the right vermouth with the strong whiskey makes the Manhattan taste just right. All the flavours work together beautifully. 

Stirring it Up - Stir the ingredients gently with ice. This lets the flavours blend smoothly into something delicious. Sip and enjoy! 

The Recipe 

Let's make a delicious Manhattan cocktail! Gather 60 ml of rye whiskey, 30 ml of sweet vermouth, 2 dashes of Angostura bitters, and a maraschino cherry or lemon twist to garnish. 

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Now for the fun part - making your drink! First, add the rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, and bitters to a mixing glass filled with ice. Stir it all together until it's very cold. Next, strain the chilled mixture into a fancy coupe glass. Finally, top it off with either a juicy brandied cherry or a twist of lemon peel. This adds a pop of colour and a nice finishing touch. And that's it - you've got yourself a delicious, easy-to-make Manhattan cocktail. Enjoy sipping this classic!