Mango Pachadi: Sweet & Sour Tongue Tickler
Image Credit: Udipi_Recipes/YouTube

Pachadi is roughly translated as any food which has been freshly pounded. In this case, Pachadi refers to a dish which is a chutney or a fresh pickle which has been created as an instant side dish to be had with the main course. Different types of Pachadi – some made with gourd, others made with coriander, mint or yoghurt-based, grace different regions of the country.

Pachadi is also understood differently in different regions. Down South, Pachadi can also be a side dish similar to the raita in North India. While in Tamil Nadu and Kerala it is a close cousin of the curd-based raita made to be consumed immediately, in Andhra Pradesh it is more of a fresh pickle with a shelf life lasting not more than a week, under refrigeration. Cooked either with fresh vegetables like gourd, cucumbers or fruits such as raw mango, pineapple or even fresh tomatoes, it is normally tempered in coconut oil (as that is the dominant oil used in Southern India). The tempering contains curry leaves, mustard seeds, white lentils, ginger, whole red chillies spluttered in hot oil and poured over the dish – which provides a tangy flavour of the fruit along with the sweetness of jaggery. 

Chutneys, originally coming from the word ‘Chaatni’ or ‘to lick’ in Sanskrit are an essential part of meals in virtually every Indian household. With their base in fruits, peanuts, coconut, mint or coriander, they make spice up your meals like no other side-dish. Pachadis too a variant of the same. They are made fresh, have a low shelf life, are served with the main course and are very healthy. Depending on the ingredients used, they act as appetisers or digestives with every meal. 

Preparation time: 5 – 7 minutes 

Cooking: 10 minutes

Servings: makes one bowl – but each serving is usually only a spoonful per person 


  • 1 cup – chopped raw mango 
  • 1 cup – water 
  • 2 - green chillies
  • 1tsp – salt 
  • 1 tsp – jaggery 

For tempering 

  • 3 tsp - coconut oil
  • 1 tsp – mustard /kaali sarson seeds
  • ½ tsp – white lentils / urad dal 
  • 5-6 – curry leaves 
  • 1 pinch – asafoetida / hing 
  • 2 – red whole chillies 


  • Take raw mango, wash thoroughly, peel and then chop it into small pieces. 
  • Put the mango in a pan
  • Add one cup water, bring it to boil
  • Cook the mango till it get soft and mushy – make a paste
  • Add some more water and stir, till it is mixed well and becomes totally soft and creamy 

For Tempering

  • Take a small ladle
  • Heat it and add the coconut oil 
  • Add mustard seeds 
  • Add Urad dal
  • Add curry leaves 
  • Add one pinch asafoetida
  • Add red chillies and bring the whole mix to a splutter
  • Add to the mango paste and serve hot 

Pachadi is a must-have with every meal. It is super easy to make, and a great accompaniment to your main meal. Try it, savour it.