Mango Lassi Tops List For Best Rated Indian Food; Jal Jeera Ranks First In Worst Rated List

In the newly released list of the Best and Worst Rated Indian Foods by travel guide Taste Atlas, the beverages – mango lassi and jal jeera ranked first respectively. The social media post, which displayed a visual ranking on both lists included chai masala, butter garlic naan, Amritsari kulcha and butter chicken within the consecutive top five; whereas dishes like the gajak, South Indian thengai sadam, Odisha’s panta bhat and aloo baingan featured in the worst rated five.

Conversely, dishes like the Hyderabadi biryani, shahi paneer, chhole-bhature, tandoori chicken and korma completed the list for the best rated top 10. On the other hand, the milk-based thandai, Kerala’s achappam, mirchi ka salan, malpua and upma concluded the worst rated 10. Upon the release of the list of these dishes, netizens expressed disappointment for the dishes that made it to the worst rated list – strongly disagreeing with the rankings. While some questioned the authenticity of the ranking, a significant majority also felt like the lists did not represent the diversity of Indian cuisine accurately.

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Netizens also demanded that the list of featured dishes be ranked by Indians, who would understand the diverisity of the cuisines much better than ‘Westerners’. Humorous comments asking to fire the person who ranked dishes like the achappam and mirchi ka salan in the worst rated became some of the opinions that most users related to. Most importantly, given that taste is a matter of preference and subjectivity, most Indians felt that the list failed to capture the regionality of each of the dishes.