Man Stopped From Taking Gulab Jamun On Plane, Guess What He Did?
Image Credit: Image: Shutterstock

Each time we plan a trip - be it for a day or a week, whether by car, train, or flight - we make sure to have enough snacks and treats for the journey to keep us going. If we are travelling by air, we tend to have a long haul at the airport, and so we pack food just in case we feel hungry. We also often tend to pack and take some treats for our friends or family, whom we are visiting. 

While doing so, we need to carefully pack stuff, especially when flying, as most airlines have a host of restrictions regarding what we can carry in the cabin and what we can put in cargo. We often end up placing our snacks in our cabin baggage, which are sometimes taken out during security checks, leaving us heartbroken as we have to throw it all away. 

But one man had different plans when he was asked to throw away a tin filled with Indian sweets. Himanshu Devgan was travelling through the Phuket airport (Thailand) carrying gulab jamuns. While clearing security, he was asked to throw away the tin filled with gulab jamuns, but he obviously didn’t want to discard the gulab jamuns altogether. So, what did he do? Instead of throwing them away and wasting the gulab jamuns, he decided to share them with the staff at Phuket airport.  

Himanshu took to Instagram to share the incident, and it went viral in no time, garnering over 1 million views, and more than 73k likes. Take a look:

Adorable, isn’t it? In the video, we can see the staff being very shy and polite, but ultimately accepting the passenger's offer. After trying the gulab jamuns, one of the female staff members said “namaste” to the man. The employees were so elated that some of them even went for a second serving. This heartwarming video is a great example of how food can unite people from all over the world, no matter which country it might be. Netizens were impressed by the man’s gesture and left many sweet comments on the video. Have a look at some of them:  

"Sweet punishment for not letting gulab jamuns in" 

"This is an amazing video" 

"Such a soulful video" 

"The staff is absolutely sweet here" 

"Best use instead of turning into waste"