Man Denied Spoon And Bowl, Dials CM Helpline Number

Every single person enjoys food in his or her own way. Some just need the food and don’t think of anything else around them while some are very particular about having proper dine-in arrangements with a proper set of cutlery. We came across many such people who get unhappy over not getting the food or the services as per their wish and why not, it is food after all!. One such person of Madhya Pradesh has gone viral on social media who, when denied a bowl and spoon at an eatery, dialed the CM helpline number to complain. This incident received mixed responses from the netizens. 

Helpline numbers are meant to cater to the need of people but this time, the Chief Minister helpline number was approached for something that we would not have imagined. It all started at an eatery named Rakesh Samosa at Madhya Pradesh’s Chhatarpur bus stand where a man bought samosas for breakfast. The samosas were good and up to his expectations. You might wonder what went wrong that the man had to complain to the CM. We will tell you. The man was actually denied a bowl and spoon from the eatery. Yes! 

The complainant named Vansh Bahadur stated "There is a shop named Rakesh Samosa at Chhatarpur bus stand. The person who gets the samosa packed here has not given a spoon or a bowl to him. Please get the problem resolved as soon as possible”, as per a report of India Today. This unique rather hilarious complaint forced people to wonder whether this was something the helpline numbers were meant for.

We guess even the higher authorities thought so as the complaint was closed after a few days. The man didn’t get a bowl and spoon but got a lot of responses for the complaint he made. This person indeed took his food habits way too seriously, right? 

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