Be it a festival or a family gathering, Malpua is one of the quintessential parts of India’s dessert menu. One of India’s oldest desserts, Malpua dates back to the Vedic times. These pancakes are made with all-purpose flour and are deep-fried in Desi Ghee and dipped in sugar syrup before serving with a topping of dry fruits and raisins. The very first mention of Malpua can be found in Rig Veda as flat cakes made out of barley flour, deep-fried in Ghee and soaked in honey. Although Malpua is loved through the length and breadth of the country, different states indulge in different versions of the same sweet. From the Rabdi Malpua of Rajasthan to the Ranga Aloor Malpua of Bengal, the humble sweet has unique avatars throughout the Indian subcontinent. 

One Sweet, Many Versions

Starting from the West, Rajasthan’s Rabdi Malpua is made with a batter that is a combination of Rabdi and all-purpose flour. Milk is boiled for several hours and is reduced to make Rabdi and is incorporated with all-purpose flour to make Rabdi Malpua. The Malpua of Maharashtra is made with homemade cottage cheese and all-purpose flour. In parts of Uttar Pradesh, Malpua is called Malai Poori where milk is reduced to a Kheer-like consistency, is mixed with Khoya and Maida to make the batter for Malpua. 

If I start with the Malpua made in my home state- Odisha, the sweet is made with Atta, bananas, fennel seeds and semolina. The batter is left to ferment and rise for an hour or so and is deep-fried before serving. In similar lines of addition of fruits to the sweet, Bengal’s Malpuas are worth trying. Bengal’s Ranga Aloor Malpua and Taaler Malpua are made with sweet potato and date palm respectively. The Malpua of Bihar, popularly called ‘Pua’ is a quintessential Holi treat. 

Not only Hindus, but the Bohri community of Mumbai also boasts of its Egg Malpua. Popularly savoured during Ramzan, this egg Malpua is served with Malai on the side. 

No matter the versions, Malpua has managed to be one of the most loved sweets of India for ages now. We know we have tantalized your sweet tooth through this article. So, here is a Malpua recipe to satisfy your cravings.