Malaika Arora's Wholesome Sunday Delights Inspire Nourishment
Image Credit: Instagram/Unsplash

Malaika Arora has mesmerised us for many years with her fashion choices and fitness journey. In spite of this, we are completely focused on her culinary escapades. Yes, you read that right. Malaika approaches her culinary delights with the same zeal she puts into her energising pilates and power yoga workouts. This delightful revelation unfolds not only on her Instagram profile but in our hearts as well.

Malaika invites her followers to join her on her culinary adventures, filled with mouthwatering flavours and enticing aromas. And lo and behold, this Sunday bore witness to yet another gastronomic indulgence. Brace yourself for the revelation of her breakfast feast—a heavenly plate of delectable pancakes.

A stack of nutrient-packed pancakes topped with dried blueberries and bathed in pure maple syrup—mouth-watering, isn’t it? Malaika didn't hesitate to share the experience with her adoring fans. "Healthy protein-packed pancakes for the win," Malaika wrote, accompanied by the hashtag "my Sunday." Take a look:

Thanks to Instagram, Malaika weaved a tale of culinary inspiration, encouraging her followers to embrace the art of nourishment and relish in the joys of good food as she completed her breakfast with a serving of "egg and toast" as well. As we observed her plate, our eyes were drawn to a petite bowl brimming with chilli oil right beside the egg and toast.

A wide variety of cuisines and foods have a place in Malaika's world of culinary tastes, but it is the authentic desi delicacies that genuinely speak to her soul. Among these, papads hold a cherished position, symbolising comfort and nostalgia. Malaika also shared a snippet of a bowl overflowing with an assortment of small, delectable papad pieces. Accompanying this image was a hashtag: "ykiyk" - an acronym that generally stands for "you know if you know." 

For those wondering about the delectable accompaniment to the papads, Malaika shared the same in her subsequent upload. And it was none other than the wholesome Sindhi kadhi! After savouring a hearty bowl of this traditional Sindhi delicacy, paired with aromatic rice and crispy papads, Malaika joyfully proclaimed herself to be a "happy gurl." Take a look: 

It looks yummy, doesn’t it? Malaika definitely had a happy Sunday. Tell us what you like most about Malaika's Sunday indulgence.