Malaika Arora’s Trip To The Himalayas Is All About Wellness Diet

Malaika Arora is currently in the Himalayas with her sister Amrita Arora and mother Joyce Arora. Clad in a white outfit, the Bollywood diva seems to be on a trip to detoxify, mentally and physically. Sharing photos of the ‘wellness’ food and beverages that she’s been consuming, Malaika is seen enjoying her retreat. In a photo shared by her on her Instagram story, the actress can be seen cheering with her friends to turmeric and apple cider vinegar shots. 

Apple cider vinegar is known to have many benefits including aiding weight loss, lowering blood sugar levels and regulating cholesterol. While it’s not an easy task to gulp down some apple cider vinegar, its benefits as a household item are extremely versatile. From aiding in boiling eggs in a better way, to removing pesticide residue on fruits and vegetables, apple cider vinegar is truly a King ingredient for your kitchen. The other ingredient in Malaika’s healthy shot was turmeric. A lot has already been said about the benefits of turmeric till date. Turmeric has also been used as an important ingredient in drink trends like turmeric latte. Did you know that turmeric is said to improve heart health and prevent diseases? It is also known to improve immunity and aid in healing. Many desi households drink turmeric milk when they need to heal physical injuries. Turmeric is also known to improve gut health and is an important weapon against inflammation. 

Malaika Arora enjoying lunch