Malaika Arora Has Immense Love For This Japanese Dish
Image Credit: Malaika Arora/Instagram, She cannot say no to sushi.

If there is someone who can slay the gorgeous looks while giving us food goals, it has to be Malaika Arora. The actress might be a mother but her fitness and fashion game is always on point. What makes her more relatable are her cravings and love for food. Recently, she was at a friend’s reunion and was relishing her favourite Japanese dish.

There are no points for guessing that it was sushi. For the unversed, sushi is a Japanese delicacy that combines rice with vegetables and meat to form a delectable treat. Served with soy sauce and wasabi generally, sushi is a popular dish that has gained prominence worldwide. You have plenty of varieties of sushi that have come up these days, given the fan fare of the dish. Malaika is one such fan who can’t have enough of sushi. 

At her friends reunion recently, she reposted a picture of a table full of sushi on her Instagram stories. One of them looked like a prawn tempura sushi, while the others were a variety of sushi rolls. The actress was dining at a luxurious restaurant in Mumbai and the place was candle-lit. However, this isn’t the first occasion when Malaika has expressed her love for the Japanese delicacy. 


Earlier, last year, the actress was seen gorging on California sushi rolls with her friend. The rolls looked absolutely delectable and she was seen enjoying it to the core to survive through the week. On another occasion, she was also seen digging into an avocado sushi cake which was an interesting creation. The actress was relishing the treat a lot. She’s such a foodie that in an interview with she revealed how food acts as a stress buster for her. 

She also loves homemade food and tries out new cuisines once she steps out like her Goan thali during her vacation. In fact, after most vacations, she feels blessed to be back to dal, chawal and bhindi kind of meals.