Whenever we hear about celebrities and famous personalities, it is usually about their diets and fitness regimes or about their lavish lunches and dinners around the city. Even on holidays, it is the beautiful sights and the delicious plates that make us drool. After all, where would you find a big Bollywood celebrity eating out of a tiffin box right? We spotted Malaika Arora doing just that. You think we are joking? Here’s proof then. 

Source: Malaika Arora/Instagram Stories 

 Malaika Arora is a well-known Bollywood actor who has featured in various films and countless songs. While her dance and fitness routines are usually the talk of the town, it is the foodie in her that has not been highlighted much. The actor was recently in Goa, enjoying her vacation and authentic Goan flavours, that too in a home-made fashion. Her penchant for home-cooked food seems to be quite obvious, now that we see her eating out of a tiffin box. Recently, the actor-turned-mom shared an image of her lunch meal on her Instagram story. It consisted of a rice dish which was filled with potatoes, peas and curry leaves which could qualify as a pulao. We could also see some red chillies on the side. 

Her steel tiffin box made us nostalgic and we were reminded of the good old school days when everyone would carry a dabba with them. Well, now that Malaika is eating ghar ka khana, we might as well ask you to cook something too. Here are some pulao recipes that you can make at home in a jiffy. 

1.  Corn Methi Pulao 

The long-grained basmati rice is the best to use for pulao. The fragrance of the pulao pairs well with the nutrition of methi. Blanched methi is added to the rice along with sweet corn bites. This is then cooked together with spices. This is a light and easy-to-make recipe that keeps you full for long. 

2.  Mushroom Pulao 

Cooked in mutton stock, the rice is lent a flavourful aroma and taste. The chunky mushrooms are dropped into the rice and cooked along with bay leaves. This rich and hearty pulao is spruced up with ginger-garlic and shallots. 

3.  Matar Paneer Pulao 

Fry the cubes of cottage cheese and boil the peas too. With chopped carrots and sliced onions, the rice is loaded with a lot of veggies. The matar paneer pulao is a filling and wholesome meal for a midday lunch.