Malaika Arora Enjoyed A Weekend Feast With Her ‘Khana Partner’
Image Credit: Image: Instagram/Shutterstock

A home-cooked meal is always comforting, no matter how much you enjoy travelling or eating out. After a trip around the world and gorging on different dishes, a desi foodie will start craving some homemade dal, tikkas, roti or rice. And if you are someone who lives alone, you would know the importance of a homemade meal even more. It seems like Malaika Arora understands it well. 

The actor, model, and fitness enthusiast is a promoter of homemade food, and is often seen enjoying a hearty meal with friends and family. A foodie at heart, Malaika loves to enjoy cuisines from across the world, but her heart lies in her roots and is seen devouring a wholesome homemade meal quite often. From a delicious South Indian feast to simple dal-roti, aromatic biryanis, and more, Malaika enjoys food like no one else. And in her latest update, the actress was seen having a hearty lunch with her friend Ricky Roy who took to Instagram to share about the lunch. And well, looking at the spread we are definitely feeling hungry. 

In the pictures posted on Ricky’s Instagram stories, re-shared by Malaika, we can see chicken tikka, rice, dal, salad, green chutney, red chutney, fish fry, and some more bowls full of food. In the story, he wrote, "Sunday happiness, lunch with M." Later, Malaika also re-shared the same story on her Instagram and wrote, "You are my khana partner". Take a look at the full story here: 

That is quite a feast, we must say. While this was enough to make us drool, the feast didn’t end there. After all, can it be concluded without some sweet treats? The dessert platter was equally decadent. In another story that Ricky shared, we can see Malaika happily posing with a bunch of macarons. We can see three pieces of chocolate macarons, while the other two seem to be vanilla. "My two favourite "M - Malla and macaron", Ricky wrote on the picture. Take a look at the story here: 

 Aren’t you craving some too? Malaika never ceases to surprise us with her food adventures. And while her Sunday feast with Ricky might have ended, her binge didn’t stop there. Her Monday binge is just the perfect motivation you need to kickstart the week. Taking to her Instagram stories, Malaika shared a picture of a bowl with yummy-looking pudding in it. “#Homemade chia pudding”, she wrote on the picture. Take a look: 

If Malaika’s spread has made you crave some pudding too, we’ve got you covered with a recipe right here.