Malaika Arora Announces Her Debut Book On Nutrition
Image Credit: Pexels.

The journey to fitness involves consistent effort, right from engaging in an intensive work-out routine, to developing the habit of clean eating. Now, more than ever before, people around the world have become mindful of their health, as we still are in the midst of battling a pandemic. Nutrition plays an integral part in promoting good health. Owing to their profession, celebrities often engage in the process of disciplined eating and many of them even have personal nutritionists and chefs. These celebrity chefs come up with healthy and delicious recipes, helping stars to stay fit, while giving them something yummy to munch on. As a result, B-town actors themselves, gain a deep insight into the world of healthy eating and nutrition.

To learn a few tips and tricks of eating healthy, many of us are in a habit of reading about the diets of celebrities, because some of these actors seem to have mastered the art of fitness and clean eating. Much to the delight of her fans, using her platform and positive influence as a star to share her food journey with everyone, is actress Malaika Arora. Malaika is now foraying into the literary world with her debut book on nutrition. This has been a much welcome next step for Malaika, who has always been an advocate of eating healthy and staying fit. It’s natural to wonder what a reader could expect from Malaika’s book. Expected to be an inspiring read, Malaika’s book will take readers on a journey through the obstacles of food deprivation. At the same time the book will also give an insight into the process of learning an ‘eating discipline.’ The book sheds light on a middle path to healthy eating – one that avoids drastic dieting and strikes a balance by teaching how to engage in clean eating. The book is also going to give you a detailed version of what the actress’s healthy eating routine looks like, along with covering some key elements of food and nutrition like the relationship between eating right and overall well-being, challenges associated with food deprivation; and the process of mastering discipline in eating along with a guide on how to mix nutrition plan with fitness goals.

Quinoa is rich in both fiber and protein, contains a high amount of nutrients, and is a healthier alternative to rice. Credit: Pexels.