Making Pickles? 5 Ways To Boost The Flavours

Indian pickles, known as 'achaar,' are not merely condiments but an intrinsic part of the country's culinary heritage. These vibrant and tangy preparations reflect the rich culture of India's diverse flavors, offering a delightful explosion of tastes in every bite. Ranging from spicy mango and lime pickles to the milder mixed vegetable and garlic variants, pickles accompany meals, elevating them to new levels. The flavour of the humble pickles can be greatly influenced by the seasonings and ingredients used. You'll not only broaden your palate by trying new flavours, but you'll also see a newfound love for the simplest achaar. Here's how to enhance the flavour of your homemade pickles. 

Fresh herbs and spices 

A skillful mix of fresh herbs and spices makes Indian pickles taste even better. Adding strong spices like mustard seeds, fenugreek, and cumin, as well as fragrant ingredients like fresh coriander, mint, and curry leaves, gives pickles a blast of flavour. This well-balanced mix not only improves the flavour, but also adds a tantalising depth that makes every bite of pickle a delicious adventure. 

Toast the spices 

To intensify the flavour of Indian pickles, toasting spices is the key. Gently roast spices like cumin, fenugreek, and mustard seeds until they release their fragrant oils and deepen in color. This process enhances their aroma and imparts a smoky, nutty undertone, elevating your pickle's taste profile to a new level of complexity.  

Explore other pickling styles 

Infusing Indian pickles with international pickling styles can yield a delightful flavor enhancement. Choose techniques like Korean kimchi fermentation or Thai fish sauce umami, incorporating them into traditional Indian recipes. Experiment with ingredients like miso, soy sauce, or rice vinegar to create a fusion of global flavors, adding an exciting twist to the beloved Indian pickle tradition, and offering a unique burst of flavours. 

Add flavoured salts 

 Elevating your Indian pickles by introducing flavored salts. Experiment with infused salts such as smoked sea salt, jamunsalt, or herb-infused varieties like pahadi hara namak. These specialty salts impart unique and complementary flavor dimensions, enhancing the overall taste profile of your pickles. This harmonious blend of traditional Indian pickle gets an innovative, gourmet-inspired unforgettable burst of flavor in every bite. 

Add your own spice mix 

Making original spice mixes for pickling is a definite approach to improve Indian pickles. Blend a few spices, such as mustard seeds, coriander, cloves, and cinnamon, adjusting the proportions to your taste. Add your own special touch by adding ingredients like bay leaves, citrus zest, or dried chilli flakes. By using an inventive method, you may give your pickles unique flavours that suit your palate, resulting in a really tasty and personalised pickle experience. 

Use flavored oils  

Using flavoured oils can significantly improve Indian pickles' flavour. Infuse oils with exotic spices like cinnamon or star anise or even herbs like basil. The classic Indian pickle is brought to a whole new level of culinary excellence when these aromatic oils are added to the pickle mixture. They provide an extra layer of complexity and create a lovely confluence of flavours.