Making Laccha Paratha At Home? Check Out These Quick Hacks
Image Credit: Shutterstock | Lachha Paratha

In the ‘land of curries’, the bread often goes unnoticed. India boasts a range of breads that can very well be the highlight of the spread if given a chance. From crispy Parathas and soft and chewy Naans to sweet Baqarkhani and textured Khoba, there are options galore. Lachha Paratha is one such flatbread that is immensely popular in North India for its texture, shape, and flavour. In terms of appearance, it bears an uncanny resemblance to Kerala’s Malabar Parotta, but Laccha Paratha is made with wheat and not Maida.

Laccha Paratha is one of the crown jewels of Punjabi cuisine, it is said that it has been around for more than six centuries. Parathas have been an intrinsic part of a Punjabi diet; hence it is not a surprise that you would find so many paratha varieties in the region too. ‘Laccha’ means ‘rings’ in Punjabi. The paratha has many crispy, flaky layers that appear like rings sitting on top of the paratha. Making ‘Lachha Paratha’ requires a skilled hand, because the dough needs to be folded many times over and it needs an ample amount of ghee, for the rings to appear distinct. However, once you get the hang of it, making Laccha Paratha does not seem to be that tough a task. There are two types of Laccha Paratha - the Tawa Laccha Paratha and the Tandoori Laccha Paratha. As you may have guessed, the former is roasted on tawa, the latter in a tandoor, which gives it an additional smoky texture.

If it is just the folding bit that is holding you back from making this yummy paratha, fret no more. Check out these different ways to fold the dough to make the most delicious Laccha Paratha at home.  

Method 1

Take a dough that has been rolled over and is now flat and round in shape.Take a cutter or a knife and start cutting thin vertical strips from one end to other. Once you are done with the cutting, just start folding the paratha (strips) in one roll. Once that is done, bundle it together as a spiral, and roll it flat. And roast the paratha on tawa with butter.

Method 2

Take the dough, sprinkle some flour, take a knife and make a sharp cut from the centre to the outer edge. Hold up that side of the dough and start folding rightwards, as if you are making cones. Keep folding until your entire dough is folded. Hold it up, you will be able to see the layers your little cones have made. With the help of your fingers, press all the layers together downwards, and then roll out the dough. And roast the paratha on tawa with butter.

Method 3

There’s another way which does not require any cutting. Take a round, flat piece of dough, sprinkle some flour and start making thin pleats from right to left until your entire paratha is folded. Take one edge of the paratha and roll it inwards to make a spiral. Once you get your spiral. Just roll out the dough. And roast the paratha on Tawa with butter.

Sounds like a cakewalk, does it not? Try these tips soon and let us know how you liked it. You can pair your Laccha Paratha with any kind of curry or sabzi.