Making Gujarati Handvo at Home? Use This Homemade Flour Recipe

Digging deeper into Gujarati cuisine reveals a hidden treasure: Handvo, a savoury cake that brings out a taste of traditional Gujarati flavours. The skill of making it using homemade handvo flour is as magical as the dish itself. Freshness, purity, and the satisfaction of making something from scratch are characteristics of homemade alternatives. This versatile flour showcases the different flavours of Gujarati cuisine by adding it to an array of delights like Khandvi and Dhokla, in addition to the pleasure in Handvo. 


3 cups short grain rice 

¾ cup chana dal 

½ cup toor dal 

½ cup mung dal 

¼ cup urad dal 

¾ cup makai dana (Corn kernels) 

1 tbsp methi seeds 

Method: To start, gather all the ingredients and place them together in a spacious mixing bowl. Make sure to thoroughly mix the ingredients together. Use a clean kitchen towel to wipe the mixture and get rid of any impurities.Use a grinder to grind the mixture until it reaches a perfect consistency. If you have access to one, it would be best to use a mill grinder. Set the dial to level 2 and adjust the speed to 3. This will make sure that the desired consistency is achieved.Once you have prepared the flour, you can use it to make a variety of delicious Gujarati dishes such as Handvo, Dhokla, or any other recipe that requires this homemade flour. 

Handvo Recipe 

Get the handmade Handvo flour, yoghurt, grated bottle gourd (doodhi), ginger-green chilli paste, and a pinch of turmeric in a bowl. Whisk to combine. While the batter is cooking, a combination of sesame seeds, cumin seeds, and mustard seeds are incorporated. The aromatic combination is baked till golden and crisp, with a tender and savoury interior. One of the many wonderful things about Handvo is the variety of textures and flavours it brings to the table in just one healthy mouthful. 


One of the best things about handmade Handvo flour is how versatile it is. This flour is essential not just for Handvo but also for many other famous Gujarati recipes. If you're in the mood for some spongy Dhokla or smooth Khandvi, this handmade flour will be the perfect foundation for your next meal. It adds a healthy and genuine twist to any dish that calls for rice and lentils, so it's really versatile.