Making Chicken Soup? Keep These Tips Handy

Chicken soup is one of the most comforting foods, especially during cold weather and sickness. Made with ingredients like vegetables, pasta, dumplings, and noodles, it is very soothing and tastes delicious. You can also improvise its flavours by adding your favourite ingredients. There are multiple ways to make this dish, from simple clear soup to chicken thukpa.

Apart from its delicious taste, chicken soup is also very healthy. Adding it to your regular diet can be very beneficial for your whole body. Chicken soup is rich in calcium, potassium, and other minerals that are essential for healthy bones. It is also recommended for controlling blood sugar and building immunity.

But are you also struggling to make a perfect chicken soup? Don’t worry; here are some amazing tips to help you:

Add Veggies 

One might question the need for vegetables in a chicken soup, but adding ingredients such as mushrooms, carrots, beans, and tomatoes can enhance its flavour. It is important to chop the vegetables to the appropriate size, not too big nor too small, for the best result.

Use Homemade Stock

Making chicken stock at home definitely takes a lot of time, but homemade stock can always make your soup tastier. This gives you an opportunity to add your favourite veggies and spices to the stock. They are the main source of taste in the soup, so always make it flavourful. If it becomes too concentrated, you can add water to dilute it.

Season With Kosher Salt

Seasoning your soup is a crucial step that determines the final taste of your dish. The secret seasoning is kosher salt. Adding a teaspoon of this salt to every three cups of water can do miracles for your chicken soup. Try it once, and you will definitely like it.

Add Noodles At The End

All the ingredients in the soup need to be cooked properly, but make sure you do not overcook any of them. Especially if you are using noodles or pasta, always check the cooking time on the package and add it to the soup accordingly.

Do Not Forget To Garnish

Adding some aromatics at the end always enhances the taste and flavour of the soup. Herbs like fresh cilantro, lemongrass, and green onions are mainly used for garnishing the chicken soup. A few drops of lemon juice along with these herbs are also recommended to give your soup a zesty and tangy taste.