Making Butter Chicken? Keep These Tips Handy

Butter Chicken needs no introduction. It is one such dish that has crossed boundaries and became a staple in the menu of so many Indian restaurants all over the world. Creamy, tomato-based butter chicken is among the most searched and loved Indian dishes globally. No wonder! Best compliments with naan, butter chicken is no longer a regular chicken curry but an ultimate comfort food for so many people out there. Did you know this dish was actually created while trying to innovate leftover tandoori chicken? 

Believed to have originated in Delhi, there are two families who claim to be the original creators of this popular chicken curry. No matter who invented it, this dish has always been a landmark dish in Indian cuisine and will remain to be so for many coming years. Also known as Murgh Makhni, there are some restaurants who serve the best butter chicken. But if you want to make the restaurant-style butter chicken at home, we have brought some tips that can help! 

Make restaurant-style butter chicken with these easy tips! 

Right Proportioning Is Essential 

To make the perfect butter chicken, it is essential to put the ingredients in the right proportion. Using the right proportion of ingredients can help in getting the right flavour and right consistency of the curry and will take you a step closer to making the butter chicken you had in your favourite restaurant. 

Don’t Go Slow On Butter 

Well, since the name has ‘butter’ in it, it would be quite unethical to go slow on butter. To get the real taste of butter chicken, you must not avoid adding butter to it. Add plenty of butter and enjoy the richness of this curry to the fullest. 

Grab Fresh Tomatoes 

Butter chicken is made with a base of tomatoes and to get the perfect flavour, you must add fresh tomatoes. Some people find it convenient to use canned tomatoes but that will not give the right taste. Thus, the usage of fresh tomatoes is a must. 

Use Cashew Paste 

Cashew paste is known for adding richness to any dish. One can add cashew paste to butter chicken too in order to enhance its richness and sweetness. To make cashew paste, first soak some cashews and then, blend into a grinder. Add 1 or 2 tsp cashew paste to the gravy accordingly and get the right consistency and richness. 

Add Right Quantity Of Cream 

Making butter chicken requires a good amount of cream. So, don’t skimp on adding cream. Cream makes the butter chicken gravy softer and creamier. Besides, it also contributes to the slight sweet flavour and makes it a dish worth drooling for. 

What do you think about butter chicken?