Making Bread At Home? 4 Different To Ace The Perfect Dough
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Kneading bread dough requires a lot of practice. It is not something that comes naturally even if you are a professional chef or cook. Kneading dough is a very important step in making professional bread and pastries. The whole process will usually take 4 to 5 minutes, but it is very important to do it correctly so that you get a dense loaf. You need to follow proper hand movements and techniques to make sure that your bread dough has the right consistency and fluffiness to get the most perfect bread. Here are four different ways to knead your bread dough and some tips that will help make the whole process a lot easier for you. 

* Claw Method

The claw method is a very popular technique to make a rich dough that is used to mix and stretch the dough properly so that it can develop gluten strands. Gluten strands help in a chewier texture of the dough. You can use alternative hand motions to press down your dough while you fold it over and over on itself in a repetitive motion. Make sure that you press down the dough so that you get as much surface area as possible. Avoid tearing or ripping it apart. After repeating this process for at least 10 minutes, you will see that your dough has a better elasticity. This means that it has been properly developed and you can put it for baking.

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* Fold Method

The fold method is one of the most popular methods of making your dough. To make this you have to first lightly cover your hands with some dry flour. Now you have to take the door on a flat surface and press it down to form a disc-like shape that is at least half an inch thick. Now you have to take one section of the dough from the edge that is closest to you, and then fold the whole do-over onto itself. Make sure that you do the process very gently so that your fingers do not scrap the dough. Repeat this process 4 to 5 times by creating multiple folds over and over again and then again making a desk. After doing so at least 4 to 5 times, you can give your dough its final shape whether it's a pizza crust or a pie crust. Remember to be extremely gentle while doing this process and do not create a lot of air pockets.

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* Dough Scraper

Dough Scraper is a technique that is very popular among professional chefs as well as home bakers. For this technique, you will need a professional metal shovel-like tool that has a very sharp edge that will help in folding, stretching and shaping the door in whatever form you like. For this technique, you have to first prepare your dough by using all the desirable ingredients. Now, after including your source of fat in the dough, you will begin with the kneading process. You have to place your dough ball on a surface that is properly cleaned. Now with the help of your hands flat in the dough until the crust has a thickness of half an inch. Now with the help of your scrapper take out the dough evenly from the surface without letting it stick. You can use your other hand to put it on the top of your dough to press it down firmly so that it doesn't break from the top. Now you have to make short and quick strokes with the help of your scrapper and do this process repeatedly. Keep repeating this process until you get the desired consistency of the dough.

* French Fold

The French fold method is another technique that helps in evenly mixing all the ingredients and developing strands of gluten. This method involves taking a huge portion of the dough ball, folding it over itself again and again and pushing it down with the pressure of your palm. Then you have to keep rotating the door at a 90° angle. Keep repeating this process again and again so that there is an equal distribution of all the ingredients and it leads to a silky texture. This will also help in the lamination of your door and create a very fine bread that is also quite airy. Make sure that your surface is lightly dusted before you start the process. Also, the whole process must be carried out at room temperature. 

These are some of the most popular ways of kneading your dough. While kneading dough, it is important to ensure that all your ingredients are in the right consistency. Also never overcook your dough as it will impact the final product. Using the correct technique is also very important. The kind of dough that you need for a pizza crust is very different from what you need for a croissant. Also, you must take the time very seriously. Make sure that you repeat the kneading process as many times as it has been specified. Following all these tips can be very helpful in baking the most perfect dough.