Making Batch Cocktails For A Large Crowd? Use These Simple Tips
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If you’ve been a host multiple times, over time, you probably are aware of the chaos that sets in the moment you realise that you’re halfway through prepping things and the guests begin to arrive. Between making sure the stew isn’t burning and dessert needing your attention, it doesn’t take much to feel like a trainwreck in the middle of things happening at the pace at which they do. In the process, you forget to offer your guests a drink until they ask you the way to the bar counter; all of this can be easily avoided by an activity known as batching cocktails.

Basically, making a bottle or pitcher of pre-mixed drinks so that the rattling of shakers and knocking over glasses are nothing but a concern. It’s easier to keep the guests distracted as you put final touches to the salad and bring out the large trays with canapes while they enjoy taking a few sips of their drink. With a bit of advanced planning and basic supplies, batching cocktails is just a matter of keeping a few key pointers in mind and considering your own tastes and preferences, along with those of your guests.


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Any cocktail, whether a single serving or large batch, needs plenty of ice to be added to it and it would pay off if you started to let trays set in the freezer from the night before. Once frozen, store them in jars or ziplock bags and continue to make more, instead of relying on store-bought cubes. If any of the syrups or mixers need chilling, stick them in the fridge too, so that they are perfectly cold, when mixed together the day of the party. Making a list of fresh ingredients, bitters, garnishes, etc. and having them come in just in time for mixing everything together, is a good way of avoiding any last-minute tweaks or omissions.

Add Water

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Although this might seem like an odd tip to give, what we overlook with batching cocktails is that the volume of ingredients change, as opposed to when a single serving of a drink is made. You would notice that the bartender shakes up a drink with ice to dilute as well as proof the drink, in order to reduce any unpleasant pungency or aftertaste. Adding water in some form, whether in its liquid form or as ice in your pitcher/jug, goes on to balance the flavours out and give it enough potency without it being too overpowering.

Pick The Right Container

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If you’re hosting for the first time or throwing a cocktail party for a large group of people, you don’t have to spend a fortune buying a pitcher or jug if you don’t have one on you, already. But making sure you have a big enough bowl or container in which a considerably large amount of drinks can fit, is important. What you must also consider while picking the right container is that it should fit into your fridge, if the cocktail needs to chill for a bit before the guests arrive. Fill up a few cups of water in the container beforehand to test for any leaks or cracks, so you don’t end up having to clean up a mess later.

Use Proper Measurements

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While pouring from an entire bottle of vodka or whiskey looks good online, it is ideal to pick a single serving cocktail recipe and simply multiply the measurements based off of how many drinks you’re looking to make. Scaling up the measures of a drink to make for a large group of people must also consider the water element that will add additional volume to your drink and must be planned to be mixed accordingly. Use a glass wand or a ladle to mix your drinks thoroughly so that the ingredients and flavours are evenly distributed and no one gets a mouthful of alcohol.