Makhana Treats: Foxnut Recipes To Try At Home

Makhana, also known as fox nuts or lotus seeds, is an often underrated ingredient that packs a punch when it comes to both flavour and nutrition. These crunchy seeds are not only delicious but also incredibly healthy. They are a vrat (fasting) friendly food and can be used to make an array of delectable dishes, from snacks to sweets. Their versatility in the kitchen has led to the creation of various recipes that can please your palate while nourishing your body. Let's get our hands on five fantastic Makhana recipes that are a treat to try at home. 

Makhana Chaat 

Makhana Chaat is a delectable snack that offers a smooth mix of diverse textures and flavours. The roasted makhana combined with finely chopped vegetables, some spices, and flavorful chutneys, and your delectable chaat is ready and it offers a delightful balance of tanginess, crunchiness, and nutritional value. This is an excellent choice for individuals looking a guilt-free snack option during vrat or any other time during the day for healthy munching. 

Makhana Paneer Sabzi 

Makhana Paneer Sabzi is a rich and creamy dish that combines the health benefits of makhana with the protein strength of paneer, and it is commonly eaten during the vrat. The crunchy makhana goes wonderfully with the smooth tomato gravy. This can come to your rescue if you've ran out of vegetables.  It's perfect for vrat or any other time of fasting or as a regular meal on its own. 

Palak Makhana 

Makhana can be used to make yet another curry. Palak Makhana is a delicious and nutritious Indian dish. Spinach, a good source of iron, and makhana, a good source of calcium, can be combined in this tasty dish. In addition to being suitable for vrat, this dish would be great for any celebration or as part of your regular meal planning. 

Makhana Ladoo 

The Makhana Ladoo is a yummy confection that can be effortlessly prepared and boasts an amazing taste. The roasted and powdered makhana is combined with jaggery or sugar, ghee, and a variety of crushed dried fruits. These small ladoos serve as ideal energy balls, providing a healthy alternative to satisfy your sweet cravings. 

Makhana Raita 

Creamy and cool, Makhana Raita is a wonderful accompaniment. Roasted makhana is mixed with yoghurt, flavoured with spices, and garnished with fresh herbs. Aside from being an enjoyable addition to your regular menus, this also provides some pleasant variety. This raita is a great addition to any dinner, either on its own or as a side dish.

Makhana Kheer

Super easy and flavourful, Makhana Kheer is a lip smacking and nourishing dessert option. The roasted makhana cooked in milk, create a creamy kheer that is both delectable and aromatic. The addition of sugar enhances its sweetness and the aroma is enhanced by a subtle infusion of cardamom and saffron.