Make Tikkas At Home Like A Pro With These Easy Tricks
Image Credit: You do not need a fancy oven or an authentic clay tandoor to grill the best tikkas in town.

Tikkas are an integral part of desi food. Thalis in India begin with starters so elaborate and expansive that it would probably not matter much if you actually skip the main course. 

Tikka and kebabs (grills and barbecued items) are a rustic inspiration. No matter how big a barbeque restaurant chain is or how fine-dining outlets across busy metro streets serve the best roasted potatoes, tikkas have always been the original choice. And no, you do not need a fancy oven or an authentic clay tandoor to grill the best tikkas in town. All you need to do is go by a few hacks and your tikkas will be ready in no time.

Get The Right Pan

Cast the tikka spell with the right cast iron skillet. Ensure you buy one with a heavy base. Season it right at the outset and leave overnight. Once your tikkas are prepped up, you need just a little ghee or oil on the skillet to attain the perfect roast. No non-stick pan or steel skillet will do the trick. The latter will give you soggy tikkas. Cast iron will ensure the right amount of crispness and crunch on the outside.

Season Them Right

Make sure you add just enough salt, a pinch of sugar and ample ginger paste. This seasoning works like magic every time. Nothing else works.

Use Fresh Ingredients

Marinade with fresh yoghurt or cream. Even slightly old dairy will kill the tikkas’ taste. As my mother says, it all begins and ends with the marinade. Do not forget to add loads of mustard oil that is heated as well as a roasted spoonful of besan.

Opt For Homemade Spice Mix

The usual secret to a well-spiced tikka is the right spice mix. Take a handful of cumin seeds, coriander seeds with whole red dry chillies and roast it without burning. Pound it roughly. Avoid a mixer grinder. Stick to the traditional mortar-pestle for best results. This process of grinding ensures more infusion into the tikka base. Be it chicken or paneer.

Freeze Before The Roast

Marinate well and keep it in the fridge for an hour at the least. This makes the marinade bind well.

Steam The Magic Up

Once all of these hacks are initiated, you can begin the pan roasting process. Make sure you splash some water to create a secondary steaming effect as well as to maintain the temperature of the cast iron skillet.

Making tikkas can be tricky at times, but you can follow these tips for the best result.