Make These Immunity Boosting Snacks For Your Kids

The season for colds and flu has arrived. Additionally, while there is no foolproof strategy to stay healthy, consuming certain minerals may strengthen your immune system and increase your chances of avoiding illness. This is especially true if you eat these foods as part of an overall healthy diet that is balanced, as well as other safety measures like washing your hands frequently and putting a high priority on getting enough sleep. 

Children are more prone to illness during the cold and flu season. With their thinner skin (and consequently fewer defences), being in a classroom with other children every day, possibly not practising the best hand hygiene, frequently putting their hands in their mouths compared to adults, and literally having thinner skin, children are more likely to contract an infection than adults. 

To give your children's immune systems a boost and prepare them for the next cold and flu season, snack time is the ideal time to sneak in some immune-boosting nutrients. Including essential nutrients in their snack time can be an easy way to keep the little ones feeling their best, from vitamin C to vitamin D, and even protein. Here are some kid-friendly immune-boosting snacks in case you're looking for some. 

Green Smoothie 

If you have a blender, you can easily make a kid-friendly green smoothie using spinach, frozen mango, pineapple, hemp seeds, and coconut water. Smoothies are a great way for kids to get a variety of fruits and vegetables that they might not otherwise consume into a tasty beverage that they love. Mango and spinach are both great sources of vitamin C, which can support the immune system. 

Pumpkin Seeds 

Zinc, which is essential for immune function and may lessen the length of colds, is found in abundance in pumpkin seeds, a tasty, crunchy, and satisfying snack. For kids who don't like the texture of pumpkin seeds, pumpkin seed butter spread over whole grain toast or fruit can also serve as a wonderful immune-supporting snack. 

Yogurt With Berries 

Your child can get all of the vitamin C they require each day from one cup of strawberries, and yoghurt is a wonderful source of probiotics, which help maintain a healthy gut. Your gut is where a big portion of your immune system is located, and preliminary evidence indicates that probiotics may help maintain a strong immune system. 

Orange Juice 

Servings of orange juice can be an icy pleasure while also providing vitamin C, a substance that may lessen the length and severity of cold symptoms, as long as you are using 100% orange juice and not an orange "drink" with additional sugars. Additionally, orange juice contains carotenoids like beta carotene that enhance immunological function. 

Cereal Milk 

Although cereal is typically associated with breakfast, it may also be a snack that is rich in immune-boosting elements like zinc, vitamin D, and protein when eaten with milk. For even more nutrients and a boost of naturally sweet flavour, add a serving of berries or a few slices of banana to the cereal bowl. 


Kiwis contain plant components, fibre, and vitamin C. Although kiwis can be relished on their own, you can also slice them up and dip them in dark chocolate to make them a little more enjoyable to consume. Add some sprinkles with naturally occurring colours for even more kid-friendly entertainment. 

Baked Apples 

No matter how they are consumed, apples are a kid favourite. The quercetin plant ingredient, which may enhance immunological health, will be increased in children's bodies as long as the skin is ingested. This substance can be easily added to a child's diet by sprinkling cinnamon on some thinly sliced apples and baking them in the oven until they are mushy.