Make The Perfect Waffle With These Easy Tips
Image Credit: Glen's Waffle Maker

Waffles have a history that goes back more than we can ever expect. They date back somewhere around 13th century and have been loved by people for hundreds of years. Waffles can make some amazing breakfasts as well as fancy desserts. And if you think that making waffles is hard, Glen is here to your rescue. Glen's waffle maker is one such appliance that can make some amazing and perfect waffles in no time.   

Glen’s waffle maker provides a non-stick surface which ensures even cooking. It has automatic thermostat with light indicators and is energy efficient. It has a portable design and could be carried anywhere. The best part is it is easy to clean and maintain. Amazing, isn’t it?  

Since you know about the best appliance to make waffles, let us tell you some tips that can work as a cherry on the cake. With Glen’s waffle maker and some secret tips, you can make waffles that are crispy and brown from outside and light, airy, moist and fluffy from inside. Here you go!  

Batter Is The Key  

It is all in the batter and we know this. Batter tells how good your waffles are going to be. Adding the right amount of oil or butter plays an essential role as they decide if the batter will stick to the waffle maker or not. To avoid waffles from sticking, try to slightly increase the quantity of butter or oil. Click Here To Buy.

Separating Egg Whites  

To get the lighter and fluffier interior in a waffle, you must separate the eggs. First, you must beat the yolks and add them to the wet ingredients and then, separately beat egg whites to form stiff peaks. In the end, you must fold the egg whites in the batter using a spatula and get the consistency of your dreams.  

No To Aggressive Mixing  

Dealing with waffle batter could be tricky. So, you should make sure that you don’t over mix the batter as it would turn the flour into gluten, producing a lesser fluffier texture. The best way is to use rubber spatula and mixing using a gentle motion for a couple of minutes. Mix the batter until it is smooth and do not over-mix.   

                          Image credits: Glen waffle maker

No Wastage  

It will happen someday when you are going to make extra waffles. But wait, you don’t need to throw them but place them into a freezer bag. It is advisable to place wax paper between the waffles and squeeze out the extra air. When you want to eat them, just take them out and defrost for around 10 minutes.   

These were some of tips that you should keep handy while making waffles. Rest would be taken care of by our star waffle maker from Glen. This waffle maker is anyway going to provide you a smooth and hassle-free waffle making experience. So, don’t wait and click here to buy!