Make Peri Peri Chicken Nuggets In Air-Fryer: Chef Manish’s Tips
Image Credit: Air Fryer Chicken nuggets

The onset of winters marks the commencement of fried cravings. From pakoras to cutlets and more, you’ll find yourself thinking of all kinds of deep-fried delicacies and making your mouth water. However, the guilt attached to eating something that is cooked in oodles of oil makes one take a step back.

But not anymore. You don’t need to shy away from your cravings. Instead of getting frozen snacks, try making them at home. Chicken nuggets are one of them. Easily made at home with chicken keema and peri peri seasoning, they are not only tasty but slightly low on calories too. You ask why? Because, you’ll be making them in an air-fryer. 


For the unversed, chicken nuggets are snack-like items that were invented in the 1950s and are usually made with meat. All you need to do is prepare the mixture, coat in breadcrumbs and lend it your desired shape.  

Fry in an air-fryer with just a brush of oil and your crispy nuggets are ready. Chef Manish Jha - Executive Chef, Food Bus Of India, Delhi - shares a quick and easy recipe to make these chicken nuggets in an air-fryer at home.  



    ½ kg chicken keema  

    Mixed herbs 

    1 tsp butter 

    Salt, to taste  

    Crushed ginger  

    Crushed garlic 

    5 slices of bread crumbs  

    Peri peri seasoning 


    Start by taking chicken keema or minced meat in a bowl.  

    To this, add some mixed herbs like oregano, parsley, etc.  

    Mix it really well and sprinkle some salt for taste.  

    Next, throw in crushed ginger and garlic.  

    Let it rest for some time.  

    Roll the chicken keema in the palm of your hands and give it your desired shape.  

    Toss it in breadcrumbs and coat properly.  

    Once done, brush a tsp of oil on the base of the air-fryer.  

    Place the nuggets carefully and check that they don’t stick to each other.  

    Set the air fryer to the snack mode and let it cook.  

    Once the air fryer beeps, your chicken nuggets are ready.  

    Take them out and garnish with peri peri seasoning.  

    Serve hot with tomato ketchup.

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